Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let The Holidays Begin~

Yes, Thanksgiving has come and gone.

We gave thanks.

We ate turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes, rolls and pie. Oh there were a few yummy green beans in there somewhere. Corrie and family made the trek to MY part of Idaho. That's always a treat for us. Unfortunately, I became an "incubus of viral plague" and was loads of fun to be around. We had grand ideas of projects and such but nothing ever materialized.

I'm feeling human today, could we start over?? Since I won't be seeing Corrie Dawn before Christmas, it made me get my act together and have all my presents wrapped and ready to go under her tree.

It's a homemade Christmas for her. She occasionally reads this blog so I'll have to withhold actual pictures pre-wrapping. But I'm so happy with my little white boxes.
They are the perfect size for __________. I found them in the candy making isle at the craft store. It's a 1 pound candy box. I got 4 of them for like $2.

Another favorite of my wrapping entourage are these darling little gift cards and tags from Sarah Jane Studios.
You know how I'm partial to elfs!
Throw in some feather boa ribbon and it all says
"Let the Holidays Begin!"

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hansel & Gretel Live Here

If you know Des and I, you know how much we love to cook! And if you believe THAT, then you haven't been reading this blog very long. But since this little button above was so pretty, we thought we'd jump on this bandwagon for the Holiday Season.
We're all about jumping and wagons and I played in the marching band! So join us, if you dare on this extravaganza of Holiday Cooking. First up, today......Gingerbread Houses!

This only took 5 hours....& wrestling our two-year-old away & stopping everyone from eating the candy. My oldest daughter, Bella (not her real name, in honor of Twilight), & Shadowman want to enter this in a contest that's coming up. Shadowman did the gumdrops & trees & ate some key pieces (such as the chimney), but we made do.

We do this every year, usually with the neighbors, but Bella wanted to make it now. Usually my sweet neighbor takes pity on me & makes me a bare house for Christmas. I have an aversion to rolling pins, so I told my daughter to wait til her dad got home & he'd help her. She ignored me & made the house all by herself. Am I happy she ignored me or proud that she did it?
The Christmas lights on the tree are chocolate covered sunflower seeds - perfect.

The windows are transparent candy glass -- crushed & melted Jolly Ranchers. She'll have a light in it later so it will be lit up inside. There are gingerbread men looking out the windows.
Little Necco sidewalk with Tootsie Roll mailbox.

I love the book, Gingerbread Houses, by Christa Currie! It's very basic, easy to read and the only book we've needed.

Click the recipe below to print a 4x6 card!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I Feel Good

"Wo! I feel good, I knew that I would now...." (hum to James Brown tune).

Johnny Buck quilt top is done. This is Des' Miss Charm pattern. Contact her, if you're interested in it ($5). I left a couple of borders off, it's supposed to be larger.

However, as much as I adore it, I'm going to sell it in the store.
It was for Harry, but during my Johnny Buck fabric obsession of 2006, I made two other Johnny & Buck blankets for him - a crib quilt & a large cozy, flannel receiving blanket. So I think three might be over doing it. Although I was putting him down for a nap & he was saying, "Feet, feet!" I think he might be getting too big for those other blankets. But guess what --- in addition to his Monkey quilt,

there's a flannel plaid one waiting for him. And then there's those Spacebots that look at me everyday. I'm sure he'll need a blanket out of them soon. I can't make him jumpers, ruffle pants, aprons with rick rack, headbands, barettes, purses, doll dresses, little charm skirts or doll houses. Nope, but I can make him quilts.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Have Your Elf A Merry Little Christmas GiveawayWinner Chosen

Now before you start hatin' on me for using a Christmas carol title
.....just know that we are only here to serve.
How will giving you the opportunity to win 1 yard of Christmas Flannel help you on Dec. 20th?? It won't. You need it on Nov. 20th in time for those matching
family p.j pants and pillowcases.

Kiddie Christmas Flannels from Chloe's Closet of Moda is as soft and cozy as all of the Moda flannels. If you like a vintage flair then this one will take you right back to 1952,
the year I wasn't born. CUTE!!! We've also got some other Christmas flannels on sale right now
....Trees, Dots, Stripes and Winter Wonderland!
For our lovely, festive readers today we also are offering 20% off of yardage of Kiddie Flannels, including Layer Cakes and Jelly Rolls, of the same line. (does not include charms) To receive the discount contact Corrie directly, not through the store.
Sale runs through Friday, Nov. 21st.
And if you're not in the shopping mood but want to try your luck at winning 1 yard of Christmas Flannel today.....Just leave a comment using the word elf in a sentance. :)
Random Drawing later tonight.
International Entries that win will have the choice of a pattern. Up to a $9 value.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Can You Smell French Fries?

I can.
Since spying this lovely, lovely vintage sheet quilt several months ago, I decided that I would join the ranks and start scouring my local thrift stores for old sheets. And Bada-BING!!

Can you say, 2 all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a seseme seed bun??????

I can, too!

Now, I'm not such a brainiac when it comes to knowing the names of these cute folks.

Can you help a girl?

All I can think of is the "Hamburgler".

Man, this was a sweet ad campaign. Are you feeling the love on this??

Look at this perfect Katie Jump Rope Fabric to go with it!

It will all be VERY vintage-y by the time I finish with it, in 2027. Let's see Katie Jump Rope came out in 2007?

So by 2027.....yep, it'll be vintage.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Room for Two

Look what my friend found for her little girls for Christmas at our local craft boutique! I'm storing them until then. The crafter found the bunkbeds at a thrift store, fixed them up & made the bedding.

Added stenciling.

Little stuffed mattresses... it looks like a muslin case with stuffing inside, simple but poofy & comfy.

The lace is charming -- such a sweet detail.

The quilts have been tea-dyed and tied with floss.

They are pretty big. Here's Harry trying to find a nap spot.

Should she buy dolls or make them? If anyone knows of a great pattern, tell me. Hope this inspires someone to get creative!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's a Small World After All - WINNERS Picked

I LOVED reading all of the responses. It's fun to hear what you remember - great memories, thanks for sharing them.

Big Winners are 27: Laura and 62: Corrie (Cool -- fabulous name! We should talk.) Email me with your address & what fabric you would like, either 1 yard or 2 half yards. [Laura, there's not an email for you. If you don't respond, I'll have to send it to made me laugh, you usually do.]

Des had posts scheduled every day this week, even though she's out of town. Gee, you'd think she didn't want to hear about my Disney weekend. But I can tie it into quilting.

My girlfriend, Lynnelle, & I have had this in the works for a year; we finally made it happen. We were standing on the airport curb with Mickey ears on, when our other friend, Stacey, arrived -- dropped off by her husband. She had no clue what was going on. She was in shock, to say the least. Her wonderful teenage daughter had packed an interesting assortment of clothes for her & of course no pajamas or toothpaste. We had an amazing trip. (This is at 1 AM.)

Small World..... Met up with Deborah, whose mom was reading our blog & told her I was going to be there. Deborah was one of our first Quilt Taffy customers - it was great to meet her & her hubby.

To commerate the event, I got this. What do you think?

You know, that actually looks like my hair. We met this gal on the Buzz Lightyear ride. She had this tatoo done last year from a Mickey Christmas ornament. That's a little more devotion than I have.

Do you know where this was taken?

We did a little shopping in New Orleans Square.

We had a super time at Disneyland & then hit Venice Beach before flying home. Wish you were there. Wish I was still there.
There will be two winners.
The prize this week is one yard of fabric, your choice.
If you want 2 half yards, that's good too.
Leave a comment in regards to anything Disney..... Memories....
One of the best -- Des was proposed to there.
Random drawing tonight.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Orange Ya Glad We're Almost Done

A little mish-mash of all the Retreat Leftovers. I promise that this will be the last.....until it's not. But really, it should be.

Kind of an ugly setting but I was in love with this orange minky. And it goes well with the joke, "Orange, ya glad???"

I didn't get shots of every kit. I just can't be Phyllis Photographer every minute.
I'm missing documentation on the darling scrapbooking kit. It's soooo stinkin' cute I don't even know where to begin. I'm at a complete loss. I don't know if I know how to cut paper. AND Karebear had a super cute towel for the kitchen with snap and everything. Maybe if we beg, she will do a little tutorial on HER blog!!!!
Beg, people Beg. It's cute!

This cute, little thread catcher/pincushion was from JimBob. It took me HOURS to make and then Leela whipped it out in 15 minutes. So I'm not sure what to say about THAT except that I'm sure my endless questions to JimBob were a help and support for Leela.

Stitch came up with this dish towel idea. She just slapped different widths of strips on each end of the toweling. Threw on some big chunky RicRac and washed it up to fray. It's now a favorite. We even used it in our Mamma Mia Workout!

Corrie Dawn also did a kit with this toweling as well. I love the embroidery and it makes a nice gift with bread or some fun antique kitchen utensils. I know.........don't you have some old utensils laying around?

As far as my grand attempts at accomplishing something.......I did manage 4 baskets

out of 30 and this quick "Fields of Flowers" quilt top for more hair color.

Then I had a little brainchild challenge everyone to Be a Good Human and make something for CHILDREN with their leftover scraps. Can you say "lead balloon"? 3 out of 9 felt compassion in their hearts for the downtrodden and less fortunate. Where's Michael Ann when you need her?

So for the children of third world countries, I have 1 elephant and 4 balls for you to enjoy. Maybe you can share. :)

I don't know about you and YOUR Quilt Retreats but ours are frought with danger.

Around every turn SOMETHING could injure you for life.
Bets found a way to break a toe.
(Leela's quilt just sets it off right. It's all about the styling.) On an ironing board of all things. Good thing Shelto and Karebear are our medical staff. Although, Karebear will only help if you're in labor and Shelto will NOT help you if you are in labor. Somehow, Bets was bandaged and on her way to a quick recovery.

Last but certainly NOT least. I just had to throw in one more video.
The gals thought I was taking a picture but I was secretly taping them.
Sooooo sneaky, am I. I've entitled this Rockstar Hmmmm.