Thursday, August 3, 2017

May the Baby Be With You - Star Wars Baby Shower

Baby Shower time
for my oldest!
She's a little obsessed
with Star Wars right now.
We do love
a good theme.
 Princess Leia wafer,


 Darth is ready
to party.

 Don't let the babies
(luke and leia) drop!
Keep them in the air
with your light saber! 
Love these people.

 My daughter designed
and made this quilt.
When she first told me the quilt idea,
I'm like... oh that sounds fantastic...
ONE inch squares...
what could be more fun that that???
And exactly who is
making this quilt? :)
She was, even more fantastic!
Love it!

Decorated with her husband's
childhood toys.

Should have taken more pictures.
Should have taken the fruit salad
out of the fridge!
Ugh, oh well, we ate it later
and it was delicious. be continued


  1. What fun! I LOVE Star Wars!!! My daughter is having twins and her sister is throwing her a fox themed shower and I am making two Fancy Fox quilts! It looks like a fun shower and what fun to have a new grandbaby!

  2. Adorable! Love star wars and love the quilt!

  3. Such amazing decorations and that! 1 inch squares are quite an undertaking.

  4. Love the Princess Leia Wafers! What a fantastic baby shower!

  5. what an awesome baby shower. congratulations!

  6. What fun! We are Star Wars fans here, too. That quilt....she's amazing! Just like her momma! xxoo