Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's Just An Honor To Post

We can't all be winners. So, in the immortal words of every actor that has lost his/her Oscar, "It's just an honor to be nominated" or in your case, "To have posted". Do you feel good about yourself? I hope so. I looked at all of your blogs and saw that Bree had done the whole random generator thing so I thought, "Okay, get with technology". But alas, I don't know an integer from a transformer. Yes, I resorted to calling my husband and after throwing everyone in there TWICE (post here, post in etsy forum) Dave picked number 37!! Tanya, Congratulations! *Said in cheesy Price is Right announcer voice* So for your freebie today, you can choose Door Number 1: A lovely package of vintage inspired little kids fabric from American Jane's Wee Play and Building Blocks. Tanya, with this package comes 3 fat quarters of Red, Blue and White with a panel of children's scenes. Would be perfect in a quiet book, I spy book or pillowcase! TANYA, let's take a look at Door # 2: Just in, hot off the UPS truck, Brights. (So new, I don't even have LINKS for them) Vibrant and colorful for these in like a Lion days of March. 4 fat quarters, with the signature piece being CIRCUS ANIMALS, by Felicity Miller. Who doesn't love the circus?" Tanya! *remember cheesy masculine, smooth talking game show announcer voice* you may be just a regular blog reader but today you are a Taffy Talk Winner! Congratulations!

Take a peek here each Thursday for a giveaway until Corrie is feeling 'scrooge-esque'. But for now, let the bolts fly................*okay, this is getting a bit thick. * Until next post, America.... ~Des


  1. Way to go Tanya! And that circus fabric is just adorable! Now you guys know that you have a blog audience instead of just a bunch of stalkers...

  2. Did I miss another contest!! Congrats in the winner :) Love your blog by the way!

  3. Congrats to Tanya. The way you kept repeating her name totally sounded like the cheesy game show announcer.