Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Army of Frogs

Cute little soldiers, huh?? I even looked up the grouping for frogs this time. It really is an army, colony or knot of frogs. We could do a whole knotty frog thing. :)

We're on to Leap Frog Wednesdays now. We're a little slower going with these. You have to use really little pieces of stuffing to get into those legs at first. The free pattern is from the great Purl Bee. I made up the little felt rounded eyes and sewed them into the seam. Our toys for children cannot have any buttons or anything that might be pulled off for a small child. I think these turned out quite darling if I do say so myself. The pattern calls for filling them with beans which gives them an AWESOME weight and they are floppier. But where we send them, they need to be very durable and if they were to get wet, it would be a mess. Can you imagine

the beans expanding and what you might wake to in the night?? Almost as bad and these eyes!

When I checked last at our Humanitarian Center shipments of all kinds (toys, hygiene kits, school kits, quilts, newborn kits etc.) went out to the following states and countries: Jamaica, Arkansas, Utah, Tennessee, Haiti, North Carolina, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Palestine, Belarus, Armenia, Jordan, Kentucky and Colorado. Maybe one of our frogs will make it to Cambodia!

Be A Good Human today and make something for someone and/or check your local community and churches for resources on ways you can serve mankind or animalkind. :) And if it can involve fabric, that's just frosting on the cupcake, right?? ~Des

p.s. Don't forget to comment about Portland in the Tuesday Post.

Frog Legs, anyone??


  1. Those eyes are darling and I'm going to have to make one of those frogs. My daughter, Sara, made a frog in class, but this one is alot cuter. Maybe I'll pass the pattern on to her teacher...Thanks for taking the time to share with us.

  2. And then they started smacking, the way that froggies do.... these gave me happy memories. :) I'm constantly amazed at the things you do! Send some of those creative genes my way!

  3. What a darling pattern! You find some of the neatest things! I have a neighbor who absolutely loves frogs and this would be perfect for her and her grandchildren. Think I might make a several. How lucky you are that you get to go to quilt market. That is one of the trips that is on my list of places to go before I die. Can't wait to hear of all of the neat stuff that you found.

  4. Those froggies are too cute! Such a nice thing to send them where needed. My two yr old is excited obout them too, might have to whip one up quick :)

  5. You aer going to make some little child in some far off country giggle with delight at the sight of their new frog toy. Very darling!!! Allison