Thursday, May 22, 2008

Commenting PAYS OFF!! Yea! Michael Ann

Michael Ann or MA as I now lovingly refer to her, has been a loyal, newfound blogger/commenter. We love YOU! And you finally won!! And just in time! I don't have a picture of what all Corrie will be sending you but you can rest assured it will be fabulous! I have had a generous moment here tonight as well, reading all of your comments and now I want to GIVE some japanese fabric away! So I drew again and Sasparilla Sue, I'll be sharing some of my japanese-y fabric with you. I mean really, WHAT am I going to do with it all?? So, I'll just divy it up halvsey's with you. Maybe you can show me what to do with it. Thanks everyone! I think there are 4 more videos coming. One a day until Sunday. It doesn't get much more exciting than owls, however. But Heather Bailey, Sandi Henderson, more apron talk, Toy's all still to come. Check back next Thursday for another giveaway! ~Des


  1. Yeah! I'm doing the happy dance. I hope the neighbors don't see... :) So super cool! And I can't wait to see more videos. Thank you ladies!

  2. You're awesome!! Thanks so much for doing that second drawing!!! I'm just so excited!!!

  3. Congratulations to you two WINNERS! :D Enjoy your goodies. Michael Ann you are going to have to share with us what your surprise package has in it. :D
    MORE videos! Wahooooo!! AND my 'sale' patterns are on the way to me too!!!
    cjnid at niwb dot net