Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Flea Market Finds & Talking Fabric

Well, it wasn't really a flea market. But I always feel like I have fleas crawling all over me when I finish rummaging through parts and pieces of other people's lives. That's why Bath & Body Works was created. I keep their anti-bacterial waterless soap in the jockey box and I can then touch my steering wheel again to get home. I'm sure I've offended half of the state of Oregon now, but I'm just not a very good rummager. That should make you happy. Less competition. I was just at the good 'ole Deseret Industries Thrift Store. Very popular here in the Utah/Idaho area. I did a quick run through the craft department and there was a goody bag
just waiting for me with these little parts of pieces from some grandma in the 70's.
Hmm...what to do with these.....
Then a quick run through the curtain/sheet department and this little yard of fabric said,
"Hi, I would make cute toys for tots." Yes, you would, said I.
THEN, there was this pile of it a curtain? sheet? duvet cover? tablecloth? Mumu? Tent? Well, whatever it is, it has elephants on it!
So for a total of $2.75 cents, I was skipping all the way to my car.
Aren't they cute??
Okay, skipping is an exaggeration. I was briskly walking to get to my anti-bacterial wash.


  1. Lucky finds for you. I am never so lucky these days. Linda Gerig

  2. Fabulous finds at the DI! You really scored with the trim, and who would have thought there was elephant fabric just waiting for Des to take home? The pink fabric is way cute -- can't wait to see what animal(s) it becomes!

  3. Elephant fabric is so IN. No wonder you were skipping. And the trim! Love it all. Utah people are already thrifty so they never have good stuff around here at sales.

  4. Looks like the chance you took rummaging thru stuff paid off! I mean ELEPHANTS! How could you not love rummaging now?? :) It's okay, it's not my favorite thing to do either.

  5. Nice Loot! I love scoring a good deal – seriously it gives me a sugar rush or something (shopping endorphins). And I have to say vintage stuff is all the better. It’s like it has been waiting around all these years just for you to find and appreciate it.

  6. Just returned back to Idaho after a whirlwind tour of the US, yes from Denver to New Orleans to Washington DC to Chicago to Mt Rushmore and home 6500 miles and 22states in 15 days unbelieveable who drives on vacation anymore just us the Griswolds oh I mean the Lehtos. Happy to be home loved the shop hop pictures wish I could of gone, than I could of added Utah to my list looks as if everyone had fun bet you'll missed my stories, can't wait for the video version. Love you all! my wonderful friends and missed you terribly. Can't believe you got to the DI before me you got great stuff want to make a trade. Love shelto

  7. Love it love it!! I'm a rummage kind of girl too! I love finding "treasures" and get quite a kick out of the hunt as well. I've been looking for funky trim like that and didn't thing of charity shops. I guess I'll give it a try. Hoping to be as lucky as you!..