Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Peace and Harmony Abounding

I once read in a magazine about a family who's dishwasher broke much to the mother's lament. As in all feel-good stories there was a happy ending. Peace and harmony abounded after the children spent so much time together working for the common good. Dishpan hands were a memory worth cultivating. Parents and children hugged at the end of dinner and all was well with the world.

Marsha fell on the dishwasher door 2 weeks ago during a Sunday clean-up with her brother.

"We were NOT messing around", they insisted.

"Marsha wasn't paying attention to what she was doing", informed Greg.

"It was an accident", Marsha cried.

"Accident or no accident",.........I proclaimed through gritted teeth,(okay I was a tad bit hotter than that, but that's why I do the editing) SOMEONE is doing the dishes by hand and it will NOT be me.

Marsha called Uncle Dale. Uncle Dale is the band-aid that holds our family appliances /cars /plumbing /electrical, LIFE together. He fixes all of our boo-boo's. He met his match in the dishwasher door. Broken plastic parts, "They just don't make 'em like they used to", seals that won't seal anymore.

In my infinite wisdom I saw this as an opportunity for all of that love and harmony to abound unrestrained, like I read in the magazine. Brother and Sister working together. Mother hiding her glee that the children are working together even though her favorite appliance is broken. A priceless MasterCard commercial was in the making.

Or not. I don't know what's worse....the broken dishwasher or the water that is ALL over the floor and counters, traces of a water fight everywhere I turn.

Crazy of crazies.........I've never been happier with them. They have been doing an awesome job. Who needs the Whirpool man?

Gee, I wonder how the dishwasher really broke?

I'll probably find out at my 50th Wedding Anniversary when they start reminiscing. Remember when................


  1. If I didn't have to work, I would pick through your blog all day. I would also sew a lot more and maybe have a smaller stash of sewing projects to do. Nah probably not. The quilt from yesterday's blog is gorgeous.

  2. They are cracking me up! Either your son is a ham or you took those pictures incognito but either way they're great. I can feel the love and harmony from here ;o).

  3. The pictures are fun. But if they are doing a good job and getting along ? - it won't last!!!! Sorry it won't. That only works in Ensign articles.

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  5. I'm with Nanette enjoy the peace and harmony while it lasts, in the mean time look for a good sale. Love yesterdays quilt will you barter for dishwasher parts, you may in the future. Love ya

  6. Love the photos...they make me chuckle...Love the blog, it makes me giggle. Hugs!

  7. HEY PEOPLE!! It's been 2 weeks and they are STILL doing a good job AND getting along. Of course, I have to pick goobers and smudges off the plates and bowls half the time, while mopping up the floor. ;D
    The pictures STARTED incognito.... and then I had to tell them to behave normally and that's when the wash cloths started to fly.

  8. That's it. I'm getting the kids going with dishes today. Why keep all the joy to myself?

  9. Well it is YOU then that has the perfect children! I wondered who got them. My children would nag each other so much that dh and I couldn't handle it. They have separate dish weeks.