Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cake Stands

Usually at our Retreats we do a block exchange.
We come home with enough blocks to make some kind of wonderful quilt.
This year we opted to do 'kits' for one another.
Rule was: Anything goes.
It did not have to be sewing related at all, hence the rule: anything goes.
I'll be posting about the different ones in the coming week.
I saw this darling idea on Betz White's Blog many moons ago.
I thought it would be such a quick, fun project.
Just perfect for a kit.
I've been hanging out at the local thrift stores scouring the Kitchen Section for plates, glasses and vases.
I was thrilled with my findings.
I tried an adhesive from Home Depot called
LOCTITE Houseware Repair, DishwasherSafe, Fast drying, 1 oz.
It sets up quickly and is washable.
Side Note: Acetone will take out any mishaps you might get on your L.L. Bean sweater.

I wish these all resided at my home but alas..............I am all about sharing and giving.
AND receiving. And boy did I receive.
Can't wait to show and tell some more!


  1. o.k. that's really cool. i'll pass that along to my thrifting sister. now stop kidding around & tell us who made that gorgeous quilt in the background.

  2. That quilt is from Leela and I've got a little video/tutorial coming up as soon as I can get it downloaded. It is super cute, isn't it??!!

  3. Cute cake stands! And that quilt is super cute, too.

  4. I just bought one of these on Etsy for a friend's birthday gift. Good to know how they are made!

  5. I love loVE LOVE them, how crafty are you!

  6. Super cute! I actually have that same scalloped white plate up front. Now i know what to do with it!! :)
    And that quilt is freaking awesome!! Can't wait for the tutorial.


  7. VERY CUTE and Creative!! The quilt in the background in stunning :D

  8. Oh my gosh - I have an entire shelf in my pantry that holds a variety of vases that are never used! What a great idea! Thanks, Des! Cheers!

  9. Cake stands are so fun. You can use them for so many things.

  10. This was such a fun project that I think I will make more for my sister's for Christmas. Mine has an honored spot in my China cupboard right up front. Thanks Des!

  11. Very clever! I'm going to have to copy you, meow!

  12. I really love the one with the aqua plate, oh, its mine I'm so glad. It is on my dining table right now and I love it
    I will be at the thrift store tomorrow hunting more plates and stands. love ya

  13. Great minds think alike! LOL. Have I heard that somewhere before? ;o) ooxx`jod

  14. Love the brie and grape photo! Tres elegante (pardon the bad French)....

  15. I have already been to the thrift stores and found some great plates. Thanks for the fun idea! My students are making them for a dessert buffet for a lunch we will be hosting for Mr. Tom Luna (just found out when I got back Monday he wants to come to our school)!