Sunday, January 4, 2009


I feel the need to report back on what secret goodies were enclosed in my Christmas gifts to Corrie Dawn and family.
You know....for posterity's sake.
Like, my posterity will be reading this someday.
It could happen. On my travels and during every waking moment I pretty much had yarn and hook in hand. I found this cute, simple pattern for Wrist Warmers, AKA fingerless gloves, and had to give them a try.
I don't know about you but in my 1930's home, we are cold ALOT. Especially doing such active things like, sitting at a computer.
So I thought if my hands are cold SURELY everyone on my
Christmas list will have cold hands. So the crocheting began. You can type, play the piano, read a book AND turn the page, sew, unwrap candy, QUILT, I was even crocheting in MY wrist warmers!
They are so utilitarian, I can't stand it. Sorry, if you live in a warm climate and the last thing you want to do is put gloves on.
May you always live in warm climates.
May I move by you soon.
Then my little nephew 'shadowman'.......oh what can we say about shadowman? He's so cute , when we go to visit Corrie's family (and we stay for DAYS and eat all their food) he and Luna set up little cafe's. So while Corrie and I are working we can yell out an order to the Horseshoe Cafe and for less than a little praise, they will bring us water or a hershey kiss or whatever can be scrounged.
So I thought Smore's would be a perfect compliment to their menu. My hubby made this little Mini Smore's Grill.
The jury is still out.
I've yet to have a smore but I'm hoping with warmer weather and parents that aren't quite so safety conscious that one of those burnt marshmellows will have my name on it!


  1. Your wrist warmers warm my heart, and I too love the little grill, do you think I could use it camping this winter I hope it is light weight and will fit in my pack otherwise I will just have to use my propane stove,and I bet my smores won't even be half as good. Love the stuff hope Corrie and kids did too.

  2. I like those fingerless gloves - I wish I could knit or crochet good enough to make them. I must check the knitting store in town and see if they do lessons.

  3. that pattern is cute & i love utilitarian.

  4. I need another hobby like I need more holes in my head, but now I have to learn to crochet! I bet that little grill would go great with homemade marshmallows... great, now I need a grill too.

  5. You didn't show the cute Sarah Jane calendar you gave me. It's darling. I'm wearing my warmers right now. Thank you...

  6. Love the wrist warmer idea. How creative. Hope your holidays were fantastic!

  7. Those wrist warmers are so lovely! I've never tried crocheting any before but that's a great pattern.

  8. I never have really 'gotten' the whole fingerless gloves thing. uhhhh, my FINGERS are what gets cold. Maybe I have unusually warm wrists?? But of all the fingerless gloves that I have seen (and not 'gotten') these are the cutest! I love the chunky look to them.

  9. Very cute! I'm glad you liked the pattern. I would love to use your pictures in my shop with a link to your shop if you are interested.

    ~Miss Motleys