Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Feeling a Little.....

I can't wait for this...

I don't think Regis & Kelly got my memo that I'll be in town. So far my tickets are not in the mail.

I wonder what Martha has planned. Maybe lunch at her house.

Right now, I'm on heavy medication & antibodics. Just hoping I'll be able to fly. Hubby has work in NY, so he asked me to tag along. I'd prefer the sun, but maybe it will be warmer than here. Maybe not. But it should be fun.

Have you been to or heard of any great restaurants or stores? We're up for anything.


  1. Have fun in the big city - I would want a personal tour guide truthfully, I'm uncomfortable in such crowds of people, make sure you catch a show, the one time I was in the city it was only a partial day and we didn't have time to see much of anything.

  2. Good for you! I used to live in NYC. It's a great place. My favorite place to eat was Roxy's Deli. It's right there in Time Square and they serve HUGE deli sandwiches!!! (I hope they're still there) Look for the matinee tickets for shows and check the TKX stand for tickets. The Prices are usually a lot better if you can attend the shows at a moments notice. Back to food. I loved the pizza places (the little ones on the corners are best) and if you're o.k. with street vendors, I absolutely loved the gyros! Oooh, the Italian ice is great too. O.k., now I'm hungry! Don't forget the museums!! Have fun!

  3. have a great time! hubby and i went to NYC a few years ago and loved it!!

  4. omg...
    wicked is amazing!!!
    you HAVE to see it!!!
    trust me.
    i'd SO pay to see it again. anyday.

    hubby said laumbardi's is the place to eat pizza.

    oh i can't wait to see that pics from this trip.

  5. see THE pics from this trip.
    not THAT pics.

    i was SO excited about wicked.

  6. OH OH OH you are going to have fun!! I took my daughter to NYC last March. It was a bday celebration. We were joined by a good friend and her daughter. We had SOOOO MUCH FUN! We had already seen Wicked but they had not. We split up that night. We saw Phantom while they saw Wicked. Then we all saw Lion King. It was soooooo cold! Beautiful blue skies but COLD! (this was late March). We walked and walked. Macy's had this amazing FLOWER Show (no idea what it was called) ALL fresh flowers in themes. The fragrance! Go there to see if that is going on.

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  8. I’m so jealous! I would love to see Wicked! My husband gets to go to NYC on business sometimes, but I’ve never been able to tag along because we’ve always had kiddos too young to leave. Next time I am going! He always tries to see a Broadway play, and go to a Yankee game (HUGE fan). He has done the usual tourist stuff: The Empire State building, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty and 5th Avenue. When I finally make it out there, I would LOVE to get out of the city and see the Hamptons on the other end of Long Island. When he last went (also in March), it was colder than Utah, but maybe you’ll have better luck in the weather dept. Have fun!

  9. i hope you have a blast!! i've been to china, but never NY. that is kind of odd! :)

  10. i would like you to find purl soho and buy me fabric. you know....for babysitting your precious children. :) my pleasure, really. no, I'm not bitter. yes,I love your kids. no, i'm not jealous. yes,i love being at your home without you. no, really, it's fine.

    have a great trip! :)

  11. Soooo jealous!!!

    Try to go to Magnolia Bakery & have a cupcake for me, I've heard they are divine.

    Have fun!!

  12. Oh my oh my.. I spent a summer there and I loved every minute of it. I hope the snow goes away so you can go to Little Italy. That and Soho are the best parts of NYC. Also try Balthezar's. And Grammercy Tavern.
    Have fun!!!!

  13. I know there is a quilt shop downtown I think called the city quilting or something like that. a girl from the dear jane list works there. I am sure there are not many quilt shops around. yellow pages are what I used to look them up in. Have a good time. hope you feel better. there is a lot of bad stuff out there. Linda Gerig

  14. Corrie: have you ever read kitchenaddiction? she is listed on my side bar. she went to NYC and has some good info-look at her posts on her trip there in October.

  15. Well, maybe you have gone already, but if I were going to NY, I wouldn't want to miss Serendipity and Dylan's Candy Bar!