Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bakerella doesn't live here

I just wanted to bake a simple layer cake for Marsha's birthday.
I am not Corrie.
I can't even imagine actually decorating a cake
to look like anything more than 2 circles.

I was going to go all out and put it on a cake stand, though.
{Me = Going all out = Cake Stand Cake}

I tried Martha's trick of putting the wax paper underneath so that the plate stays clean. This didn't even become blog worthy until I tried to remove the wax paper.
I think it's supposed to be parchment paper.
My wax paper didn't budge without the whole cake splitting in half.

So I smushed it all back together, added a pound more of frosting, sprinkles and candles and called it a day.

Dinner was still super yummy.
I simmered Marinara Sauce all day.
Oh, I could bathe in it. I look good in red.
Meatballs and I tried this psuedo Olive Garden Breadsticks and they turned out PERFECT. That's a first for me!

What is most hysterical is I was actually, truly contemplating making this.
No, seriously.

Bakerella has left the building.


  1. i'm sorry, that is absolutely hysterical!! good for you for trying :)

  2. i'm sure it is still super yummy!! and the dinner looks divine!! i need to try and make some of those bread sticks. i eat a ton when i'm at olive garden! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Marsha! I thought Grandma usually made her birthday cakes :-). Dinner looked great. Let's make breadsticks. Can't wait for you guys to come...we're cleaning.

  4. Well you got the frosting on there and that's all that matters in my book. Breadsticks and frosting, sounds like a SUCCESS to me!

  5. OMG I can't stop laughing, so sorry that it's at your expense, but so funny

  6. I love cooking disasters. What I really love is making something that looks gross, but tastes great.

  7. Your cake looks better than the many "Glob Monster" cakes that I have made my children for their birthdays over the years. For some reason, Amy seems to have received the majority of the Glob Monsters; Jimmy has had much better luck!

  8. What the heck you tried, bet it still got eaten and enjoyed. Happy birthday Marsha. remember it is better than no cake at all. The meal looked fine so something worked.

  9. Is your cake green inside? Please tell me it isn't green, Des.

    There's nothing that more frosting and sprinkles can't solve (except maybe green cake)

  10. I think your cake looks delish! It still looks super tasty!

  11. Thank you Corrie. You always seem to know when I need a laugh. My motto is taste is the most important thing! I am never going to be a chef.

  12. I'm one of those people who think there's no such thing as "bad cake". I don't care what it looks like, as long as it's tasty! That whole dinner looks delicious. :-)

  13. Oh my heck you crack me up! Tell Marsha happy birthday! ooxx`jodi

  14. I love Marsha's cake!!!Great dinner great times and something she will always remember, Happy Birthday Marsha!!! I remember all the cakes my mom made me even the great "homemade" angel food cake covered with pink strawberry icing. It broke into many pieces when she cut it - It was the best cake ever! Love ya

  15. Don't you think Martha's just a little too perfect, Des? I mean whats the fun in not having MORE frosting??? My favorite part!
    So was it for real, or was that in a dream that you were comtemplating the 14 layer cake!!

  16. I just followed the Bakerella link for the 14-layer cake -- I think I'm going to faint .... :)