Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Merry Mushrooms


I knew I was 'home' when I saw these fabrics.

Here's what Windham Fabrics says about the

Merry Mushroom Collection:

(I read this after I ordered it.) Am I the Mom? I still don't think I'm that old.

"Merry Mushrooms reminiscent of the 1970's hippy style of peace and love.
This line will bring back memories for mom, and younger quilters will recognize the fashion trend. We've updated the colors but left intact the organic shapes. See if you can find the hidden fairy - it's magic!"

I searched for a picture of my mushroom smock or my pants with the mushroom pockets, but no luck.

That led to my girls looking through my scrapbook.

Daughter: "Oh look, you're wearing a skirt."

"Honey, those are pants." We laughed so hard, had tears in my eyes.

"I told you we had those smocked dresses."

We saw the pre-smocked fabric at Joann's this summer, I just rolled my eyes at it, can't go there.

We've got charms, fat quarters and yardage in the store.

I can embrace mushrooms, but not the smocked fabric,

plaid shirts and argyle sweaters...yet.


  1. Everything old is new again! That isn't always a good thing either. Just remember - if you wore it the first time around you are NOT to wear it the second time around...k??? No mushrooms, tube tops, smocked tops, platform shoes for you Corrie! Resist!

  2. Oh, to have 70's pants again....or maybe not.....

    Love that fabric though!

  3. So funny - I had very very blue pants like that too. While shopping with my daughter recently I saw dresses with the smocked tops ... and girls buy them - have we taught our daughters nothing ? !!!

  4. I'm laughing at the skirt comment too...I have SO been there! This fabric brings back my childhood (b. 1969)...love it!

  5. Hello??? I want my whole kitchen done just like mom's!!!! And let's bring back decoupaging cards onto painted wood. AND amber colored plastic/glass inserts in our cupboards.

    In fact, I want a tshirt that says,
    I *heart* smocks. I think we could make a fortune!

    Super cute. I need some of that fabric. Put that on my list of things to bring me!!!

  6. That is a blast from the past!! Far-out!!

  7. so grOOvY!
    makes me smile
    just makes me smile!
    sooo gotta have it!

  8. Those fabrics are so fun. As soon as I saw the mushroom fabric my mind went straight back to the hippie days. Love your family photos too. Cute.

  9. Those look fun! I'm feelin' so Brady Bunch right now!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  10. Des, my sister and I call that amber plastic/glass "camper glass" because, you guessed it - it was used in the camper my parents bought in 1967, :D

  11. Oh I love it. I really really love it. Mushrooms. I can remember hating them in the 70s. Who knew I'd want them in 2009? Especially since I never thought time would pass to make me 50!

  12. Soo fun! I love to belly laugh so hard my sides hurt. Love this fabric....so great. I love Windham.