Sunday, October 18, 2009

With Love, Mom

Do you remember quilting in the early 1990's??

I swear I wanted to make every quilt that Lynette Jensen, of Thimbleberrie fame, created. I wanted dark, dark, dark plaids and colors.

I wanted woodsy, homey feelings.

I just about made every quilt in this book.

This quilt was my first Thimbleberry quilt.

HAND quilted, thank you very much.

I hand quilted everything back then. I love this star in the log cabin block called Midnight Sky. I remember picking this pattern out for my son's bed. It just never quite fit his full size bed. And after all that work, I was a little nervous to have my young son living on this quilt.

So I tucked it away for another time.

Little did I know in 1995 when I finished this quilt for my son, who was then 5, that he would be taking it to California to stay warm and to be wrapped in love from one who loves him so much.

Oh dear.... I get a little emotional everytime I think of him.
I barely made it through the songs in church today.
Too much.....mother, father, daughter and son.
We miss him pretty badly.

He's doing great, though!
Thank you for your well wishes!
They mean a lot to me.

I hope this quilt comes home in 2 years....
... well used, worn and loved.


  1. Awwww, ya know he is feeling your love when he is snuggled under that quilt. You hand quilted it even! WOW! The songs get me too, Des. I cried twice on the WAY to church today because of songs on the radio. :S

  2. I too remember Lynette Jensen's pattern. Your quilt is wonderful and it's great that your son has taken it with him as a reminder of home and Mom.

  3. I made now senior boy an "off to college" quilt for when he graduates...he's staying, and right now the quilt is on a chair in our living trust me when I say how much I appreciate the love, thought and hugging by quilt that went into his quilt!

  4. That's awesome! And totally the reason why I started quilting. I have a quilt my grandmother made for me before she passed away, and I was terrified to put it on the extra bed, cuz I didn't want the cat to sleep on it. Then I thought I would put it in the camper, but I didn't want the mice to get it either. So it sat folded up put away in a corner in the basement, and then realized that me not using it is not the reason why she made it for me. She would rather have me use it til it fell apart. I now have it on a beautiful display rack in my living room, handy for whenever I want to grab it to cover up. (And HAND QUILTING?! omigod. That's all I have to say about that.)

  5. Oh, you sweet mom--it made me get teary-eyed just to read your post. My kids are now 31,28 and 25 and I just made the youngest a quilt to take up to Alaska with him. Not sure that was a good idea, because he'll be in a tent with dogs, but I know he appreciates the fact that I made it just for him.

  6. Im sure he is home sick also. But knowing that he is loved and he has that love to wrap up in everynight im sure makes him feel better.

  7. I love the quilt. I've made a few of Lynette Jensen's quilts myself. BTW are you using I hope so...if not you should. It saved me while my son was in the MTC.

  8. What a special gift. I am terrible at goodbyes myself. It started when I went to college, I was so I know that pit in the stomach feeling is pretty miserable. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to be any better at goodbyes today.

  9. Bless your heart while your son is away. What a great quilt that he was able to take with him. Yes, I remember Thimbleberry quilts. I used to love all that stuff, but never got to make any of it because of being so busy.

    I have been hand quilting for 10 or more years until a couple of weeks ago when I got brave, purchased a $25 old Singer, and pieced together two 14 inch blocks. Woo-hoo!

  10. I remember doing lots of Thimbleberries BOM when I started quilting.
    Lovely quilt and I am sure your son will think of you as he wraps himself in it.

  11. Can't imagine, they grow up and leave all to soon, reminds me to cherish today thanks