Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Daily Spice

Are these girls cute or what?
They are modeling the latest in apron apparel
here at Quilt Taffy.

This was my first attempt at an actual bodice and actual interfacing.
It was like I was really sewing something other than a quilt.
Indeed there was not a rotary cutter in the room while I worked.
This is a new concept for me.

I loved the look of this Heather Bailey, Daily Spice Apron.
I found her instructions to be very thorough.
I would not consider myself a sewing novice,
but I did think even Corrie would be able to figure it out. ;)
AND she did.

I've made a few aprons in my day and
I really like the modern look of this one.
The bodice and skirt are a little more work
but who wants to shy away from work??
Oh, let me rephrase.........more
time but
that's what makes it spicy!

A note on the sizes:
I made 3 others besides these and at first I worried
a bit about the sizing of it. "Oh, are they an 8 or a 14??"
But I found that the small size fit everyone on my list!
So go
Also, on the 3 others that I made
(i know, obnoxious that I don't have pictures)
I used the lining fabric choice on the front band to add some contrast.
I didn't think that creatively on these two.

Corrie made the cute pink damask apron out of Santorini.
Which by the way, I'm LOVING this
line. I know I'm always late to the party.

My festive kitchen apron is made with Lizzy Dish.
There are a few
others that would make great combos as well.

So as Heather states, for that
"come hither while I bake us some cookies" look.....
this one is fun for women of all ages!


  1. Very cute! And lots of room/opportunity to embellish, me thinks.

  2. Those are too cute, and those fabrics are so fun!

  3. VERY CUTE! Ya, we need pictures of the other aprons you made too! Lovely models. I like when my model is available. :D

  4. small fits all? gotta love that pattern...what size do you wear?

    a small!


    they're lovely and so are the models!

  5. Those are too cute, and those fabrics are so fun!

    Work from home India

  6. WHat beautiful work, Des! LOve the fabric, love the style, love the craftsmanship and the happiness those aprons bring their wearers!

    DARLING! Kudos!

  7. the aprons are much to pretty to cook in. and it almost looks like the girls can wear these in the summer over shorts. kinda reminds me of those bathing suits i made with the attached aprons!

  8. Cute girls in cute aprons...but do they cook/clean/do laundry?