Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feeling Sassy?

Sassy, oh yeah, she's sassy.

(the apron is too)

Not to be outdone by Des' Daily Spice apron I counter with the Sassy Little Apron

by Barbara Brandeburg

This one is easy, easy.

I didn't realize how easy & fast that little ruffle was going to be, it's not a gathered ruffle (thank you). You can whip these babies out for everyone.

Decided I'd like my sassy pocket lower, instead of on the chest.

Would be cute with 2 pockets.

"This twirly girly little apron is so, so slimming! It's easy to custom fit with a button-on neck strap and it stitches up in a jiffy. You'll want to make a few for your girlfriend, sister, and mom too. Cooking is way more fun when you look cute!" says Barbara.

If you'd like a kit, let me know sooner than later...

This is a pattern that you'll use many times.
She's coming out with a child's version soon.
I'm good with sassy, but only in the kitchen!


  1. love the model sportin' the 'tude!

    Cute, cute apron and love the fabric!

  2. Where's the bodice? Where's the interfacing??

    It really is quite cute. I might have to add it to my reperatoire.

  3. I've been eyeing the aprons at Anthropologie but they are oh so pricey. But I got a sewing machine for Christmas and maybe just maybe this would be a good first project for me.

    Thanks for sharing. It's adorable!

  4. Corrie...I love it ~ I think I must have one if I'm going to start blogging all my cooking ideas and recipes. Let's talk! Your comment on sassy in the kitchen made me laugh...

  5. I love your version, I think the pocket looks much better lower down. Such a sassy little number.

    My favorite though- "This twirly girly little apron is so, so slimming!". Just what I need when I'm telling myself that the brownies are for everyone ;).

  6. Ok....I love that apron...beautiful fabrics chosen!!!