Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ready, Oh Yeah, I'm ready!

Headed out this month to sew
with my sis and friends.
And I'm ready,
let me at it.

 My bobbins are full. 
Getting together my table caddy.
Here are
my projects?
Do I need more?
I'm sure I'll just whip these out.
I'm doing a big Denyse Schmidt
mixed with linen,
(Thanks to Leona and Marlene for this awesome collection of 5" squares.)
and a 4th of July
 Pam Kitty Tribute,
and a Tall Tales
I've got my Pop-Up ready
and my Bagette.

The Rowenta is packed.
And I'm pretty sure
I'll need a coaster.
A travel pillowcase,
because I've left my pillow
one too many times in hotel rooms.
Hopefully I'll notice this on the bed.
No, Des, I don't have one for you.
But I did pack a coaster for you.
Generous, I know.
Late one night when I was making this,
I assured myself you don't
travel with your pillow. lol
And these gals are packed. 
More on them later.

I'm ready, about a week too soon,
but that's okay.
I'll go pack the car. 


Monday, May 16, 2016

Vintage Goodness

What a weekend!
Started it off early
with Stacey
 Pickin' Boise
Antique and Artisan Market.
Look at this line --
how excited and
happy are they?
 I have lots of pics for you to see,
because it was all awesome.
Handmade treasures,
vintage goods
even a diy area to
make your own signs.

Wish I would have
bought one of this vendor's signs
before they disappeared.  
I first met Brenda at 
(I must say, I've met the
greatest people there.)
Brenda, who runs her
 lives on the prairie in Spokane
and is a busy gal with
Barn Sales, a Vintage Sale
at her farm each year,
and now she's doing shows
in the Treasure Valley.
From what I saw,
the show
was a huge success.
Well done.
I'm looking forward
to the next one!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Time flies...
Last year, we built a house.
My husband was the general contractor and
he did so well.
He's a good communicator, and
he made what was supposed to happen,

Most days, I wanted to pull my hair out.
Sooo, I didn't blog about
any of it.

We moved in
the week of Christmas. 

(MaryAnn, these pics are for you!)

Here's our before picture.

And after.

Welcome to our brief tour...
My antique doors
that I adore had
to come with us.

Boys' Bath
Son's Room

Powder Bath

My room

Family Room

And my favorite room...
the kitchen.

Especially love my sink!

And there you have it.

There are a few rooms you didn't see...
still working on the dining area,
 office, other son's room, etc...
didn't feel like making my
closet picture ready. :)

We're so happy to be here,
and looking forward to summer.
Our current project
is sprinklers...
someday we'll
have grass!
It's good to be home.