Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Softies

"Someone's Been Sleeping
 in My Bed
and she's still there!"
Once Upon a Time,
Des and I got together to make
Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
"That chair is not big enough for
the both of us."
We combined two of Wee Wonderfuls patterns to
create a sweet keepsake,
for our grandkids.
(Actually mine is more for me
because I ADORE the Goldilocks fabric.
Get it while you can!)
We made the "The Sleepover Pals"
sleeping bag pattern 
and "Little Miss Storybook" doll pattern
(shrunk the doll pattern by half).
And Des made this adorable bear pattern. 
She makes them for gifts and
for the Humanitarian Center.
Great way to use up your minkee scraps.
They are soooo soft.
The Sleeping Bag wraps up
to hold them.
Check out her corduroy boots.

I put the Three Bears on her apron.
Or perhaps they look like Mickey Mouse,
I'm good either way. :)

My Goldi looked a little stern,
so I added a smile and
the puffed sleeves.
And she lived
Happily Ever After.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Welcome Home Little Jedi

Not too long after my daughter's
Star Wars baby shower,

our new little jedi appeared.

Welcome little one!

Since my daughter made a
themed quilt, I went more modern.

 Used my Accuquilt triangle die,
some cotton and steel fabric
and the Black Moda Cross Weave. 

 And there are always scraps...

We are thrilled he's here!

Dad's pretty happy too!

I've come to terms that
I'm a grandma.
How'd that happen? 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

May the Baby Be With You - Star Wars Baby Shower

Baby Shower time
for my oldest!
She's a little obsessed
with Star Wars right now.
We do love
a good theme.
 Princess Leia wafer,


 Darth is ready
to party.

 Don't let the babies
(luke and leia) drop!
Keep them in the air
with your light saber! 
Love these people.

 My daughter designed
and made this quilt.
When she first told me the quilt idea,
I'm like... oh that sounds fantastic...
ONE inch squares...
what could be more fun that that???
And exactly who is
making this quilt? :)
She was, even more fantastic!
Love it!

Decorated with her husband's
childhood toys.

Should have taken more pictures.
Should have taken the fruit salad
out of the fridge!
Ugh, oh well, we ate it later
and it was delicious. 

...to be continued

Friday, April 7, 2017

House Closure

Two years ago today, we were moving out
of our yellow house.
I remember, because today's my anniversary and
I clearly remember that anniversary of
 multiple trips to the rental.
I also remember crying at how much stuff
there was in the garage.
Moving is tough.
We lived there for 10 years and even though we
were on large lots, the houses were close and
we shared a driveway with the neighbor.
The neighbor and our family ended up both moving
out of our homes the same week.

Everything was rushed.

I don't remember saying goodbye. 
I don't remember saying anything.
So I made a quilt to say goodbye. 
I like to take my time. :) 
(I stitched our house numbers and
 there's a little grey driveway between the two.)
Luckily they still live nearby.
This is Camille Roskelley's Dwell Quilt pattern
that is in her book - Simply Retro.
The pattern is fat quarterly friendly so I used Zen Chic's
aqua minky on the back.
Here's to Goodbyes
and a little surprise;
they certainly won't
be expecting it. :)