Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tweet Tweet Giveaway Over

Congrats to Carol #58! Have a super weekend. Tomorrow we'll be schnibbling.
Today's giveaway is for the birds.

Tweet Tweet is Keiki's debut line.

She's a new designer for Moda.

Happy birds, dots, leaves, trees in sweet spring colors.

In addition to Tweet Tweet,

some charms & jelly rolls for Half Moon.
(MoMo's best prints in black & white)

& Happy Daisy charms

& sewing kit arrived.
Giveaway today is for a charm pack of your choice:

Leave a comment about what you'd make out of the charm squares.
Random drawing later tonight.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Be Nicey

Look at this tote made out of our Nicey Jane charm squares!

I was excited to see it.
The bag has a nice weight & size. Embellished with some yoyos & super cute buttons.

The pattern is the Vintage Seaside Bag. (etsy or eBay)
It is very charm pack friendly, using 35 -- 4.5" squares.

I especially liked seeing these fabrics all together,
because I'm making a quilt for my bed out of Nicey Jane.
It's going to be fabulous.
Just look at those prints --
so so pretty & happy.
I'm going to get going on that, any minute now.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Freebird Fabric Giveaway Over

Congrats to Kelli #42! enjoy!
Free as a bird...
I have not been free as bird.
I'm still catching up from being gone last weekend.
This amazing fabric by Momo from Moda Fabrics came today, &
I really wanted to get it on, so we could give some away!

This print is called "Outdoors"...
with butterflies, trees, birds and flowers.

We have Freebird fat quarter bundles,
charm packs, jelly rolls, layer cakes & more.
Today's giveaway is 2 half yards or a charm pack of Freebird.
To enter, leave a comment about flying.
Random drawing later tonight.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Orange Slice~

I am well aware that it is NOT August/September/October.
But man, do I have Orange and Red on the brain.

So I'm throwing caution to the wind
and talking about this quilt anyway!

I'm a lazy decorator.
I'm not too into seasonal decor.
So I figure with these bright oranges and red,
I can leave this up for the spring/summer
and cruise right into fall
without having to change a thing.

I told you I'm lazy.
The pattern is a single Irish Chain.
I love the simplicity of it.
I love the colors.

In fact, I want to make it in all
of my favorite color combos:
Pink/Orange, Blue/Green,
Red/Aqua, Pink/Red.
Not to mention scrappy would do the trick as well.

Pattern can be found in my store.

Also, for a limited time,
I'm offering a little "Orange Slice Kit".

UPDATE: Kits Sold Out! You ran me right out of my stash. But for those of you who scored one....oh, they are good!! Lots of variety!

For $12 it comes with all the orange strips
that you need to make the top,

PLUS the Orange Slice Pattern and
FREE Shipping. (US only)

Just add a white/neutral and you're almost done!
It's sewn with strip sets so it really goes quite fast.
Click here for: Orange Slice Pattern Only

or click here for: Orange Slice Pattern and Kit

By the time you finish,
you'll be just in time for the
right season.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coppertone ~ Giveaway Over

Congrats to #126, Sam!

I'm so ready for summer. Ready to be warm.

This grouping of fabrics came from that wish.


warm browns, oranges, yellows, reds & greens


Shown here in the Vintage Circle Quilt.

Charm packs, fat quarters and yardage of the individual prints are

available on etsy & eBay.

Today's giveaway is 2 half yards of any regular cotton fabric of your choice or

the Vintage Circle Quilt Pattern by yoyomama designs.

Leave a comment about suntan lotion
to be entered in the drawing.
Random drawing later tonight.
Charm pack sale from Monday is going on through the weekend.

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Little Spring Cleaning SALE

A little Spring Cleaning --
Found a variety of lonely charm packs.
They need you. They need a good home.
If you'd like to adopt any of these, just email me.
Some were used to take the photos for the listing, so they're not stacked perfectly. I did try.
$6.75 each + $2.30 US postage. We can combine postage.
1. Love U (4)
2. Mother Goose
3. Merry & Bright (2)
4. Tamarack Grove
5. Glory $6
6. Alien Invasion
7. Swanky
8. Harmony
9. Santorini
10. Dinosaur Uproar (3)
11. Friends and Flowers (1)
12. Recess
13. Glace (4)
14. 9 $6
15. Chutes & Ladders
16. Shirtings (3)
17. Flirtations (4)
18. Sultry (2)
19. Hello Betty (pack of 60)(2)
20. Aviary (6)
21. Baskets of Flowers (5)
22. Kiddie Christmas 5" charm (flannel) $4 each
23. Jingles Flannel (4) $4
24. Recess Jelly Roll $25
25. Recess Layer Cake $25
26. Sultry Jelly Roll $25
27. All You Need is Love Jelly Roll $25
28. Kansas Winter Turnovers (2) $5
29. Crazy 8 Turnover $5
found a few more charms
30. Hartfield
31. Simplicity (2)
32. Isn't Christmas Jolly
33. Kashmir II
34. Oh-Cherry-Oh

Sale will be through the weekend.