Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What's coming soon -- Sweets Box & more

Weeks ago, I met with Moda & saw lots of new fun things. Here's a peek at a few.

Moda Fabrics has a Sweets Box for you. Two little jelly rolls come in this bakery box with a pattern to make two cute purses. These are arriving mid-January & mid-February. There will be two different Sweets Boxes to choose from.

Here's a peek at Wonderland by Momo from Japan coming out in March.

This kit that will be avialable from the Arcadia line in April.

In February, this should arrive. I'm really excited about this. It's running yardage, you could call it cheater cloth or panels. The design extends across the width of the fabric with that zigzag edge going down both sides. It also has light lines that look like quilting, that machine quilters can follow.
I can see this flapping from my porch this summer.

I want quilts on the porch, but don't want them ruined by the sun & wind. This is so perfect! Wait til the neighbors see it :-).

Love a cute porch. Country at its best.
Red or navy, red or navy? I choose RED!

But I love how the navy one looks old.

And then, there's matching bunting!

What do you think?