Thursday, April 10, 2008

Free Fabric ~Drawing every Thursday!

Are you tired of seeing this girl yet?? Hope not. I love her. I think her name should be Sally. Maybe Susie. Nothing too modern like.....Kaneisha. I mean, if your name is Kaneisha, that's cool. You are a modern woman of the 2000's. (By the way, have they come up with a shorter name for what we are currently living in....the 2000's?? You know, like the 80's?? The Zero's? What's it called? Just wondering)

Alrighty, today's post for free fabric should be about why a sister should visit another sister even though it's really cold where one sister lives (yes, there's a story for another day) OR give Taffy Talk Girl a name OR answer the question of what this decade will be called. This is a pretty big Think Tank kind of question. I'll post later tonight who's the lucky winner of FABRIC. I think the prize might be fat pieces. I wonder what would happen if you answered all THREE???!!!! Probably just go under the heading, "good information" as I don't think Corrie Dawn is feeling that generous. But you could try! ~Des


  1. You should visit another sister where it is really cold so you could take a fabulous quilt to keep her warm with! :D

    Taffy Talk girl should be Darlene!!

    We are in the Entrepreneur Age - taking business back to where it used to be.

  2. I was thinking her name should be Taffy...since she's talking and it's Taffy Talk!

    But I like Penny too!

  3. Taffy talk girl should be named Jenny!

  4. You should visit another sister even though it is really cold because your heart doesn't feel the weather.

    Taffy Talk girl looks like MaryJane to me.

    I've wondered myself what age this is so I have no answer for that.

  5. I love this little girl also. I do think that she has a little mischief in her smile though. You need to come up with a name that indicates a little michievious streak to it. I love your I spy book pattern. Tomorrow I am going with some friends on a fabric shopping sprea. My goal is to get some fabric to make a couple of these books for my "someday a grandma" box. I have a few baby quilts etc in there also. I hope that the contents will not be too moth ridden and musty smelling before it is used. Ha Ha. Thanks!

  6. I think her name should be Caroline. And because you SHOULD visit your sister. Pretend its be a good human day! :)

  7. I was thinking Taffie too, just with a different spelling. Also like Candi.
    I wish I had a sister to visit or not visit so, bundle up and just go visit!!!!
    The millinium dos? The 20 hundreds?

  8. It's not cold here; this is Spring in southeastern Idaho! The sun is shining -- so what if it snowed this morning? Taffy Talk girl should be a two-name girl like Sally Ann or Mary Jane.

  9. 1. Definitely sisters should visit, no matter the climate! (of course, mine lives in LA, so that's a vacation!)

    2. I like LuAnn for the taffy girl.

    3. Didn't they call 1900's tha aughts or somethign? like aught one, aught two...? i dunno. Maybe we should call them something cooler like the o's or ooo's hehe.

  10. beadingcountrygalApril 10, 2008 at 3:36 PM

    Taffy Talk Girl should be named Buffy!

  11. I wish I had a sister. Sadly I don't have one, but I know a very sweet quilt lady who lives down the way(or is it up), hehe, who I would love to share a steaming cup of tea with if she came to say "Hello".

    I think of my Gabrielle when I see that little chatty gal and I think Gabby is a nice name. Taffie is sweet as can be too.

    Yes what are we calling it?
    The "20 0's" or the "20 hundreds"
    I read about that somewhere.

    What I do know is that I think it is wonderful that sewing, crafting, thrifting, more popular than ever. I'm much cooler than I used to be to my kiddos and even my green living is semi-cool, lol.

  12. In honor of my mom, I request that Taffy girl should be named Judy.

  13. Oh, I'm too late, but I'll answer anyway.

    The Taffy Talk girl looks like Polly to me.

    And..this decade...the "Nought-ies" of course! :-)

    (Do you say 'zero' rather than 'nought' in the US? I suppose it doesn't make that much sense if you do. I thought everyone called it the 'noughties').

  14. I think she should be named Gabby, she looks like she really enjoys talking :)