Friday, June 6, 2008

Big Print Party TA-DA!!!

I know I just gush and go on for days over my quilts, but here I go again......................There is something about having it all quilted, bound and washed up. I like to 'wash' (i get them wet on the gentle cycle and then run the 'low spin' on them in the washer) and then toss in dryer. I use 100% cotton Warm and Natural batt so that it will shrink up just a teensy bit and makes it all scrunchy and loveable. Pattern here. Fabric here. Get your Freshcut while it lasts. Unfortunately, it won't be around forever....

And lookie! A label for a quilt. I'm like the majority and I'm never patient enough to label the quilt once I'm done. I just want to send it off, or live in it and think about a label tomorrow. But Corrie Dawn inspired me and I just whipped up this label. I spent more time taking pictures of it then the actual time it took to make and sew on the back. But I can smell a little tutorial coming. Can you?

I decided to try out a ruler that has been sitting on my desk for 18 months now. It is for scallops. Scallops are intimidating to me. They scare me. They should be rated R, for the violent images that run through my mind. But I love them, the scallops, and what they do for a quilt. The other side of the ruler is for waves. They should be rated G for General Quilters/Sewing. They are as peaceful as a day on the beach. I'll have to show you more.........tomorrow.

Lastly, our weather is so pitiful here, that on June5th, I still only have one measly bloom on the petunia front. ~Des


  1. Can I tell you how much I ♥LOVE♥ this quilt? I think I need one and the exact fabrics to boot. I LOVE THE COLORS It's total perfection.

    Do you think my husband would mind more moola' being spent on fabric?!! I'm going to have to buy the pattern first then move onto the fabric.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. And the scallops are awesome. You did a great job!

  3. Ok my first thought when I saw the picture of your quilt was that is one beautiful quilt, I love it, ok my second thought was look one flower in Idaho how can it be.Yes living here and also loving the weather!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I really want to learn how to make scallops like that.

    Love love love those fabrics.

  5. BEAUTIFUL!! I love the picture of it hanging, what a piece of art. I too would love to know how you did the scallops/waves. Tutorials would be great.
    I have a few more flowers here in north Idaho, although my snapdragons are not snappin' :(
    cjnid at niwb dot net