Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy, Happy Birthday Desi!

She's out, so we can talk about her all we want. What's your favorite Des moment?'ve known her so long...... Mine is of her in a pool. I think that's where she's the happiest. Even today, we perform synchronized swimming, handstands, marco polo & diving for pennies.
I thought of doing a tribute to her hairstyles over the years, but I walk a fine bday is coming, but I also hold the most pictures of her. Did I mention she's my older sister? She'll appreciate that. Hope she has a great weekend. She's "at" Oklahoma. Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Des!!!
    I still think we are all long lost sisters. Now the pool activities is just clenchin' the deal for me. :D I hope you have a GREAT day even if you are 'at' Oklahoma. ;)
    So, Corrie when is YOUR birthday?

    Hey readers - I ordered the LINE BY LINE pattern, the Sewing Edge and a yard of fabric last night. It is in the mail TODAY! Great service at Quilt Taffy!!

  2. Happy Birthday Aunt Des!!

    Some of my favorite memories of you are in the pool too! I think I will play Puttin on the Ritz today and watch a little Enchanted in your honor. :)

    Hope you have a fabulous day today!


  3. Happy Birthday Des!!!! Yayyy. I hope you have a wonderful day. Sisters are great aren't they! Except sometimes on birthdays when the love to tease. But its all good.

  4. Oh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Des! I hope you are having a good one!

  5. OH Good Grief!!!! That's like a bad Princess Di wanna be photo. I did 'wanna be' her, but that was the 80's. I got up super early in the morning to watch 'the' wedding. I'm really looking forward to July 29th. :)

  6. July 29th cuz it is the 'wedding' date or something else???

  7. July 29th is Corrie Dawn's Birthday. :)