Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Pledge Allegiance to My Lilly Apron.......

....and that I will wear it more than the other aprons. I love my other aprons. It will be hard to dirty this one up. Fix and fry things in it. Dust and sweep in it. Pick up dog doo in it. I certainly know I won't be emptying the dishwasher in it!! I will probably skip and sew in it first. And then I will gradually move onto actual housekeeping tasks in it. It's the Lilly Apron. When I saw it at quilt market, I knew that it needed to be in my very near future. I loved everything about it.
I could totally wear it to Wal-mart. Have you seen what most people wear to Wal-mart? I'll be just fine.
There are 2 very roomy pockets for stashing all sorts of goodies. I'm thinking chocolate chips.
The thing I love the very most is that it is perfect for that piece of fabric that you adore. Pop Garden's in the house! Just put it in the store.
Just think....y'all will look so much better in yours!
When I went on my little shop hop, every single store and their workers were wearing these, JUST ABOUT!! They were the rage.....the craze.....the thing. And so I will give my word to my new apron that.......... with Liberty and Justice for all, I will put you to good use. You will be stained and well-worn before long and then I can make another one!


  1. OK, now that was funny! You're such a hoot. Cute little apron you got there. I wish I was an apron wearer...Lovely my dear.

  2. Cute! You look adorable in your swingy apron. :-)

  3. Yes, you are a hoot. You make me laugh. Cute apron and yes you COULD wear that to WM and look WAY better dressed than about 85% of the people that are going there. Does this apron go on over your head? Is it open in the back or completely closed?

  4. Well Cheryl, my little is tied in the back. it is kind of tricky to tie in a big bow. But I've got it all figured out now. Corrie and I were laughing that if you didn't want to be wearing it when someone came to the door than it would be quite the feat to 'rip it off' quickly. But mine is SO CUTE that I will wear it proudly to the door for the Avon lady.

  5. Cute apron! That top photo, with the wire whisk and all, is classic. I love a good photo prop! :)
    The flirty, skirty pattern looks pretty cute too.

  6. i can't decide which is more adorable. the apron or the lovely model. & i totally missed that whisk when i peeked this morning.

  7. Its darling. I'm going to see how many places I can wear it and get away with it. I can't wait to make it.