Friday, July 18, 2008

Secondhand Comfort Pattern

Yes, it's that time again. The time when I go on and on about my latest and greatest quilt. The day was so pretty and the batteries in my camera were fresh and so was Mike was my assistant. It couldn't have been more perfect. Hence.......all the pictures.

So let's talk about the quilt. I guess I could have filmed it for you. What's more obnoxious....reading about it or listening to it?? Wait, don't answer that. My skin's not thick enough.

I joined the Summer Stash Challenge for fun and I had these cute aqua cords that I bought at the thrift store for just such a plan. I mean, who really wears aqua cords?? Cute country singers? Well, since I'm neither of those, country or singer....(you thought I would say cute, didn't you?? Well, I am cute! And I tell myself that everyday when my hair does that weird thing on the side. ) and I knew I wouldn't be wearing the cords, I decided that they would be perfectly featured in a crazy quilt. Since the Summer Stash Challenge was to use you what you had....voila Secondhand Comfort was born. Okay I cheated on the border. The border had to be perfect and I just didn't have the perfect border and so I did succomb to shopping. BUT I pieced the back with what I had even though I really wanted to back it with Ginger Blossom Flannel.

I decided to be brave again and I added a little wave to just the top and bottom borders.

It's perfect! Another Colorway...

I made this quilt a year or so ago from some old carpenter/canvas-y pants of Greg's. It had so many fun pockets on it. I even kept the part with the hole.

Just added a little peek-a-boo bandana print behind it. This quilt has been to every single ball game Greg has played in this year. It's a warm one! If you don't have all the levi's for a full-fledged levi quilt this is a good substitution and it's still a great weight.

pattern is a 6 page pdf (email) pattern sent right to your inbox! It contains directions for this Throw/Full Size and a Baby/Toddler Size as well. Great way to use up your favorite fabrics! The baby quilt can be made with some of baby's secondhand levi's. It's fun to show off all of the trims/embroideries and/or pockets from little pants. Instructions with color graphics.

Cutting and Rotary directions in US measurements. Options for scalloped top and bottom border or just leave it straight.

If you don't have an etsy account and are interested in the pattern, just email me directly.

Thanks for the great challenge, Ulla and Eileen!



  1. I dont quilt, let alone sew, but you make me want to learn. Your work is beautiful! Love the color combos. Congrats on your TCB feature!!

  2. You made a lovely quilt working in the way I prefer. Why waste old clothes when you can make such masterpieces of them? I will have to learn more about pieced backings, I have never done one. Yours looks great.

  3. Secondhand Comfort very cool and looks so comfortable to curl up in on a cold night (well, we don't get much of them her in the deep south!) and a book and a cuppa.

    Thanks so much for the design, ideas and dreams and being willing to share. :-)

    And.... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You are featured on Todays Creative Blog !!! And I followed their link for you over here. What a great site that you have. It is wonderful!

  4. wow - outstanding - you have captured the heart of quilting - and it's pretty too.

  5. Oh my goodness, it's beautiful! I love it. And you have great scraps! Now what is a Levi quilt? I have some with holes that I wanted to do something with...How cool is it that you are ont Today's Creative Blog! How did you quilt it? Inquiring minds need to know. LOVE that quilt, as usual!

  6. Hey Michael Ann!
    A levi quilt is a quilt made strictly out of levi. You take all of your husband and sons worn out jeans and cut them into squares and then sew them back together. big pain, lots of work but super, super warm quilt. You would tie it.

    I just put an allover scroll-y pattern on it. I use 100% cotton batting and when I wash it, it shrinks up just a bit and gives it that antique-y look I like.

    It's good to have you back!!!

  7. I have a whole bunch of pairs of kids jeans and sweaters with holes--shall I send them your way with meatloaf :)?!

    That quilt is just gorgeous--and the pictures of it are too!

    Have a great feature day!

  8. OOPS!--I am STILL posting as Kim!--this is Jennifer--signing out now to sign back in as myself :)!

  9. Oh Des .... Wow, that is an absolutely gorgeous quilt. Great job! Missed you at Guild last night :)

  10. Oh I love it! Its kind of like looking in a kalidoscope. (darn spelling) Its really really great. What a treat.

  11. What a cool quilt! Love the pieces of jeans here and there. Did you 'plan' the scraps or just use whatever was in your scrap stash? Very creative :D

  12. Wow, it looks so comfy and I love the pockets. I went through a cord phase about 10 years ago and I'm sure I still have them somewhere. I can't believe I just admitted that, I'm not that country!

  13. what a great idea! Those quilts are awesome.