Sunday, August 10, 2008

Basket Winners and a Funny Joke!

I HAD to make one more. This one's for Corrie. I guess it won't be a surprise.
Or I guess it could be a surprise.
SURPRISE!! It's made from my Lilly Apron fabrics that she has been coveting since the day I made it! Oohhhh it's pretty! And look how cute the trims look in there. No, you're not getting the trims, but nice try.

I'll get to the winner in a moment but I have to tell you a really funny joke first. Are you ready?? It's a real kneeSLAPPER. My husband told me this one.

Mike: Those are really cute baskets. Are they hard to make?
Me: No, they are easy, peasy.
Mike: Really? They look hard. Do they cost a lot to make?
Me: No! I just use my scraps. *I'm thinking, gee shouldn't I buy more fabric, I'm so frugal with my scraps*
Mike: Well....would it be possible for you to make some for my teachers for Christmas?
Me: *I hear screeching tires in the distance* How many????
Mike: 30 or so.

Isn't that funny? I thought it was hilarious. A project that is so simple and pleasurable has just turned ugly. THIRTY? Okay, I'm thinking no trim. No pieced checkerboard at the top. I'll simplify. Will they still be cute? And then I thought....Farmer's Market Green Apples!! Oh yeah, they'll be cute.

Okay, winners. Super cute ideas of what you would put in them! Can you believe I couldn't find ONE stinkin' piece of chocolate to put in mine?? What is wrong with this picture?? Winners~~Lori Jolley and ThreeUnderTwo are the drawn winners!!

Congratulations Neighbors! Send me your addresses and I'll get these into the mail. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them for YOU.


  1. 30 teachers? Uh, I would have said NO! :) You're such a nice neighbor! :) Congrats girls!

  2. I love it! Thank you. Your Lilly fabric is no more. I tried to order, but it's gone. So thank you for giving me a little. Still trying to finish Breaking Dawn....I'm 3/4's through & ignoring all my emails.

  3. Yeah! I am so excited!! I will cherish mine!

  4. Obviously you have not been married as long as I have.. I saw that one coming a mile away.:-D But yes.. that was a real knee slapper!

    I am SO glad Twounderthree won a basket.. she's a fun person. And I'll have to go see who the other winners are. I love blogland.

  5. Congratulations to the winners, yes a knee slapper, but also a huge compliment to you and your work.

  6. yay! I just love those baskets! Thank you!
    Are you really going to make 30 baskets? You are nice. Good thing he gave you four months notice instead of four days!

  7. When I made these baskets for my sisters and nieces I thought the same thing - what would I put in them. I ended up putting nothing in them because I ran out of time. But candy of course, would be cute and fun. Easy too. A manicure set would work for women. 30 - wowie. He sounds like my husband. But they are fun to make. Thirty is a little over the top though. good luck

  8. It's fun to see these little baskets showing up everywhere! CUTE.

  9. Congrats to the winners! I'm looking forward to seeing your 30 baskets! You just may be able to pull it off if you organize your time and do it assembly-line style. Good luck if you do!

  10. Oh my goodness, I have loved your eBay store forever, I now also have a blog, and just love it, as I was looking at yours, I almost screamed out loud!! My 24 year old daughter's favorite book that her now passed away grandma read to her was Mr. Snitzel’s Cookies!!! We also have it and it is very special to us. I would love to add your blog to my favorites, maybe you would like to add mine and join my web-ring Quilters and Fabric Lovers. I hope to hear from you, Jane
    PS I voted for your store on eBay!!

  11. you're so sweet to make your sister a basket for no reason. right. no reason. when it comes to projects like this i have a hard time just making one. but 30. that might just exceed my craziness.

  12. What a sweet sister you are, to give your sweet sister a cute little basket. But make THIRTY of them for your dh?? That is NOT funny. Not funny at all. Is the man insane or are you???