Monday, August 25, 2008

Superhero Mermaid & friends

"Literally on pins & needles."
Yep, that's me. At least that's what I see when I look in the mirror.

Des introduced me to thedreamygiraffe on etsy. I was snooping one day and found that Des had a secret desire to be a superhero. Actually, she fancies Elastigirl -- and loved this girl's mask.

"A Very Crafty Superhero"

Then I decided I had to get everyone a print, because they are the perfect "I'm thinking about you" gift. You can get a set of 4 mini prints ($20) or 5x7's or 8x10's or you can even purchase the painting $$$. The mini prints are adorable in a little frame. Kathy, thedreamygiraffe, is super nice, quick & responsive. The prints are signed on the back.
"A Piratefairysuperheroballerinamermaid And Her Seahorse Sidekick"

"A Fairy Who Could Care Less If Her Wings Get Chubby"

There are 140+ prints...and I've seen them all. I'm a true "patron of the arts." Some have clever, quirky little stories about the girls. Fun....take a look sometime. ~Corrie

Other favorites: A Princess Who Says No Thank You to Warts


  1. I checked it out...VERY cute. I love your choices! I think I would be the "French Maid Please Keep It Clean", because let’s face it, TRYING to keep things clean is the harsh realty of my little world. And, "Why do You keep Forgetting that I’m the Boss" is my 6 year old daughter's long lost twin. Thanks for the diversion. I could lose myself for hours on Etsy!

  2. I will have to go check those out. The ones you have here are just darling.