Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloweeeeeen favorites

Last year, I was ready to pull out the paper, paint it black & make these for the windows. Why? Because I like to torture myself.
But then I was shopping at Michael's & WOW. I had a tear in my eye. Martha did the work for me. She has vinyl window clings of black silhouettes. Love her. She saved me much grief and pain. Today, I've tried to find them online & they've disappeared (all except the owl), but they are at your Michael's store. I saw them yesterday. (At least, they are at my store.) And they are reusable.
You just unroll it from the tube & slap it on the window. We have the black cat & moon, the witch and the skeleton. They look fun during the daytime.

And at night they show up even better. Hard to take a picture in the dark.

Meet my wool pumpkin lady. She has a spider friend & a fun little pumpkin box friend too. (The pattern is in the store. She sits on the mantel with Spidey & Pumpkin Head. They oversee the festivities for the month.

This year I added Martha's Vintage Trick or Treat Garland (also from Michael's).
Happy Halloween....what's your favorite decoration at your house?


  1. So cute! My favorite decoration has to be my collection of haunted houses I bought at Joann's a few years ago. The girls love them! At least they will be my favorite until I finish my Countdown Calendar! :)

  2. Hi Corrie,
    I just found your blog from Nanette. Your blog looks like it going to be fun to read along with you.
    Your decorations are so fun.

  3. Hi Corrie! Looks like I will be at Michael's this weekend! We have a huge front window that will be perfect for those stickers. I also have a Halloween village that I just love! Cheers!

  4. my favorite Halloween decorations are some grave stones made of polystyrine (Can't say it or spell it but its at Home Depot) insulation they were so fun to make and my kids and I had a blast. The how to is on Martha's web site. I also have a tree that I place Halloween ornaments on which I love. And just for Des I love my black cake plates

  5. Love the silhouettes. What a great idea!

  6. Corrie those are so so incredibly cute. What a good mom you are to decorate and make things fun for the family. I love them.

    My friend Flora brought over a cute and simple halloween plate the other day and right now that is my fav.

  7. The silhouettes are so cute! I like how they look at night and I like the candy corn hat on the crow. :D I'm not into Halloween but I LOVE to decorate for fall. Not yet though this year, MAYBE in the new house.