Saturday, October 4, 2008

Portabellopixie Boutique Patterns are HERE!

We've been waiting a long time for these to come.... Oh, I wish I had a little girl! Where is my size? I need one of those caps too. Adorable.
These patterns are available in the store. They are so nice, just like little magazines with great pictures. Larger than your normal pattern size. They are listed with free U.S. shipping (if you're outside the US, just let me know & I'll take $2 off). Ginger Blossom & Farmers Market are the fabrics shown on the patterns, we have those too!

"Portabellopixie Boutique Patterns are the result of Sandi's background in children's clothing design! Sandi takes inspiration from the children in her life when designing clothing and her fresh approach to pattern writing is being met with raves! Along with clothing, Sandi's pattern line includes crafts and bags with adult, teen and boy clothing on the way!"

All of Sandi's patterns are printed booklet style, in full color. Sandi took the approach that a picture is worth a thousand words and created a new style of pattern instruction that is simple to understand and fun to read."


  1. Those patterns are so darling! I ordered the cupcake pattern from her and am patiently (not) waiting for it...Great choices!

  2. oh I love these patterns it reminds me of some great outfits when I was a kid oh I wish I had a little girl also or a little niece maybe I'll just makeone and than go find a cute little girl at the mall and give it to her a little weird though love them

  3. I can't wait for my pattern to arrive. I LOVE that Sandi allows home seamstresses to use her designs to then sell to others. She supports US and we support HER! WIN-WIN!