Monday, November 10, 2008

LeeLa's Treasure Find

I have no idea how to give you this pattern in a pdf format. If you can tell me how, I'll sure try! It's such a cute pattern and


Thanks Leela and Stitch.

I LOVE being a winner.

~Video below~

um...yeah, there's a problem. You'll need to turn your computer 90 degrees or just tilt your head. :)


  1. that's cool. i wonder how many thrifters have given up before figuring it out.

  2. I think I might have given up sooner. What an interesting apron!

    For some reason, my neck hurts now. . .

  3. I do not know for sure how to do a pdf format but I send in things to our insurance company via the scanner. I scan it on an hp scanner
    in the document viewer scan portion of the program. when you get to the part and push scan in the file portion at the bottom it gives you the choice of what kind of file and I pick pdf. then I can attach it to an email . Linda Gerig would love to have this pattern for the apron. Linda Gerig

  4. That is very interesting. It looks great on now that you've figured out what it is!

  5. Whahoo! I'm a movie star now! Thanks Des. What a simple little pattern. Only takes a yard (1 1/4 if you want it as long as this one) Go on girls! give it a try!

  6. Ok Leela loved the apron wish I had won it, oh well, maybe next year, keep up the antique store finds you are beautiful on camera.

  7. Very cool! And I just noticed that the Taffy Talk gals are all dressed up for Thanksgiving! CUTE!

  8. What a find! That is cute! I hope you can figure out a pattern for it and post it for us ;)

  9. As soon as I saw that cute little apron I thought of art smocks for children! Very cute.

    I love all the tutorials and great ideas that you have been posting. Just in time for Chritmas crafting!!!