Thursday, December 4, 2008

2 Magazines ~ GiveawayWinners Chosen

Congratulations to Lovie and Charla. APQ to Lovie and Home Companion to Charla. Be sure to send Corrie your mailing address. Thanks everyone. I love reading your random comments about sheep! See you next Thursday!

For your Taffy Talk Thursday Giveaway pleasure................You missed us last week, didn't you? We totally spaced it! We were giving thanks and all that.

2 of our favorite magazines: Home Companion Holiday Issue and

I've heard a nasty rumor that Home Companion will not be published anymore unless a new publisher is found. How sad. We'll have to console Corrie Dawn. She's been a fan since she was in diapers. This could be the last issue EVER. But at least it's a great one. Lots of pretty pictures of Amy Butler at home.

American Patchwork and Quilting's latest issue. February already! Why do they do this? I'm so confused. But what I'm not confused about is that if you don't win this today, there are plenty more in the store!

Speaking of STORE.....look what's in STORE for the winner of today's giveaway!!! I'd like one of these in every two color combo please. Start with pink and white and I'll get back with you.
Speaking of YOU.....Hey, I'm drowning in cough syrup here. Did YOU know I love a snowball quilt? It's true. We're engaged. Soon to be married. I think my wedding colors should be red, white and blue! What do you think?

Speaking of thinking..........THINK how many days you might enjoy sitting at your sewing machine, cranking out this beauty.

Speaking of beauty...........I'm sure the little BEAUTY Queen in your life would love to be tucked in at night under this quilt. She could learn her colors AND count how many triangles there are. It's better than counting sheep.

And saw it coming didn't you? Boy, I didn't.
Leave a comment about SHEEP.
AND throw in a note of which magazine you would prefer.
Yeah, it will matter.
Random drawing later tonight, if I'm not in a syrup induced coma.


  1. Joke:
    An accountant is having a hard time sleeping and so he decides to go to see his doctor.
    "Doctor, I just can't get to sleep at night," complains the man.
    "Have you tried counting sheep?" inquired the doctor.
    The accountant replied,
    "That's the problem, Doc. I make a mistake and then spend three hours trying to find it!" :)

    I'd love to have "American Patchwork and Quilting"
    Thank you so much for your giveaway :)

  2. I love sheep because they gave up the wool to make those cute pincushions you made on your retreat! (I ordered the kit on Etsy and can't wait to make one!) The Home Companion magazine looks interesting to me. And feel better soon! Seems like colds are going around...

  3. oh I hope it isn't their last issue
    I would love the home companion magazine please.
    Sheep...the next town over has a llama and sheep farm that we drive over to just to see the sheep every few days...
    just love seeing them. My youngest daughter knits a lot and is so intrigued with seeing the llama and sheep.

  4. To be honest, I let my subscription to Home Companion drop because it just wasn't as interesting any more.

    My youngest daughter used to use the sheep from the plastic nativity set as a pacifier.

    I would enjoy the APQ magazine, but I think it would take me 2 lifetimes to make that last quilt!

  5. I love the American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. Let's see--sheep? All I can think of is the Sheep and Wool festival that I go to each fall. Beautiful stuff and good times.

  6. I like soft and cuddley sheep. hmm... what more to say about sheep? I thank they are cute.

    Thanks for doing a giveaway this week. I'd love to have either mag but would probably prefer the Home Companion since it might be the last. sigh. sniff. sniff.

  7. Baaa... Baaaaa... :-)

    I'd like to check out the Home Companion magazine, as I've never seen one before!

  8. I got chased by a sheep once at my uncles farm. it was when we were young and liked to annoy the animals, it really was my fault :)

    I'd like to have the Home Companion magazine!

  9. When I lived in England we lived up the road from a sheep farm. In the spring time the new little lambs would be born and the wind would carry their cute little baaa sounds down the lane to me, ahh yes and sometimes the smells too!! :P... I would take a walk to the farm to visit them. There was a little mound of dirt and they would play king of the hill on it. The largest lamb would be standing on the highest part of the little hill and the smaller ones would get a running start and take a wee tumble back down,too cute!! I will never forget them along with their very proud MaMas!! I would love to have the Home Companion magazine. A great giveaway! Thank you!! Corrie.. I hope you feel better very soon!!

  10. OOh OOh enter me please....what a great giveway, more ideas for me to mark and wonder when i'll get to And I do hope you get to feeling better! Being loopy on any type of medicine sucks.

  11. Hmmm...I tried counting 20 sheep to fall asleep, but their wooly wool made me weep!
    I know pretty pathetic huh?!

  12. Sheep - don't know anything about sheep. Except you can count them to help you fall asleep. Never tried it, always thought they would make a mess in the bedroom. Would like the APQ magazine. Hope you are feeling better.

  13. Sheep? I think there are more sheep than people in New Zealand. oh and I don't like Roast Lamb! I'd love to win a copy of Home Companion. xxxxxxx

  14. APQ would be my choice if I were a lucky winner. This summer we stayed with friends in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. They have sheep and we helped throughout the week moving their fencing to allow them access to fresh grass. They really are great little lawn mowers.
    Take care and get well soon.

  15. Home Companion Please!!! Sheep are cute and all, but have you ever smelled a wet sheep? ewwww, doggies. Not good. Hey, I'm just keeping it real. I used to live on a farm so I can vouch for their stinkiness when wet. They are super-duper cute, but would I want one for a pet? Naaaaaaa

  16. I'm SCARED of them! and yes I did notice not giveaway last week, yeah for this week and Home Companion for me or both, mmmI'm not greedy! the word verification for this comment is 'gantskin' weird, maybe that's what sheep should be called. :)

  17. Des, ewe are so clever! Ha!

    I would have to say the Home Companion would be my choice. Happy Thursday!

  18. The sheep at our county fair are my son's favorite. They are always a little nosy and want him to touch their little faces through the gate. They can also be very STINKY which he also notices!

    Home Companion please!

  19. All I can think of is the children's song Baa Baa Black Sheep.I would love the Home Companion magazine. I just love Amy Butler.

  20. oh how fun.
    a giveaway.

    okay first things first...sheep.
    two things about sheep:

    1} i want to go to ireland to stare at sheep. is that a crime??? like sheep stalking??? haha.

    2ndly} bath & body works have the cute little stuffed animal sheep in their stores right now.
    low & behold i went in to enjoy my 'b&bw time' and BOTH...not just one...of my toddlers decided to grab at a sheep.
    basically i saw the whole thing in slow motion, and i couldn't stop them fast enough. the tower of sheep was all in the floor.
    yes ladies...bath & body works forcast that day was 'raining sheep'
    at least the assistant manager laughed about it.

    and if i had to pick i'd say home companion. that's a new mag to me.

  21. The first thought that came to mind was my great great great grandfather was a sheepherder. And my great great grandfather too. The American Patchwork magazine would be my choice. Both look lovely.

  22. When I was very young, our neighbor raised sheep. I happen to really like them. I would love a American Patchwork and Quilting magazine!

  23. A comment about sheep? My grandfather's brother wrote a poem about castrating sheep (he's one of those "cowboy" poets). Anyhoo, he got to recite it on the Johnny Carson show about 20 years ago. True story--we have the VHS. (Un)fortunately I don't have a copy of the poem or I would type it here in its entirety. Pretty funny, though. Would LOVE the American Patchwork and Quilting mag. Thanks!

  24. On the way home from church, in Idaho, about a 100 sheep decided to cross the road-- very slowly.We waited and waited.A car came up behind us.A little gal,about 100 pounds in 4inch heels, jumped out of the car and shooed the sheep off the road.Being a city girl, I'm still in awe.

  25. Sheep are neat. Ha! I would love either... Home Companion is looking good tho.
    Get better!

  26. From Northwest Oklahoma (it's cold today!). We used to raise SHEEP when my son was an FFA member. It was really hard work! I haven't seen a Home Companion magazine, so I'd choose that one.

  27. I'd love the quilting magazine - it would be much nicer to get sleepy looking at that every night than trying to count sheep.

  28. I have raised a few sheep in my time and absolutely love how cute they are. We have bottle fed a good number of the little critters and just love them. I love to run my fingers through their wool. So Soft! I would love to win the Home Companion magazine. I have never seen it before, but would love all the ideas. Des, would you like some homemade chicken soup? Hope you get feeling better!

  29. My husband called sheep field maggots after living in New Zealand for 2 years, but he did grow to love roast lamb! Home Companion.

    Get better!

  30. Ohhh I love me some ME Home Companion and HORRORS that it could be the last issue! That is just wrong. Hmph. I do think the Quilting Magazine would get more use though so I choose that.
    Sheep - make me shivver -ewwwww. When we first moved to MT we helped my brother shear the sheep. All I can see now are all the TICKS! Sheep disgust me now for that reason. :0

  31. sheliafisher@verizon.netDecember 4, 2008 at 3:17 PM

    ohhhhhh i loved sheep in college. i was a pottery major and my hands were always so dry...took up spinning ohhh lala the lanelin was so lovely (a little smelly but...wonderful)

  32. snoooooozzzeeee....ooops, I started to write something about counting sheep and fell asleep - this time, though, I didn't have a dream about you making ham sandwiches, Des! Actually I have both magazines, so don't enter me in the drawing! But I did want you to know that I heard thru the grapevine that the ME's magazine will continue with a new publisher - that's what I heard, but don't have verification - cross your sheep - oops, I mean fingers! Cheers!

  33. Uh don't get me started on sheep...

    I have a dirty mind.

    Enough said.

    Oh wait. I wait the mags. Both of them. Because I an greedy.

    Now I am done.

    Carry on.

  34. for just a week i have dropped my sewing needles and picked up my knitting needles. so you might say that i have yards & yards of sheep wrapped around my little fingers. i crave patterns. so Quilting is what i would pick.

  35. At this time of year the only thing 'sheep' ish I can thing of is from Handel's Messiah... "All we like sheep, have gone astraaaaaay." Come on, sing it out loud!

    I'd love to win American Patchwork and Quilting.

  36. I can't stand the way some people are like sheep in grocery stores and other places where there are lines. Everybody seems to want to get in the longest line when there are shorter ones open.

    I'd prefer American Patchwork and Quilting.

  37. Sheep! Baa, Baa, black sheep have you any wool? I love wool. I think I would like the American Patchwork Magazine, if I have to pick one. Hope you get to feeling better.