Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Minute Gifts

While hanging out on Etsy several weeks ago,

I chanced upon the idea of printing out my own calendars. For $5 I bought a printable calendar.

I thought it was the greatest idea EVER.

I can make as many as I want for $5!!

Several weeks ago they didn't have too much a variety.

I noticed today there are many more sellers offering this idea.

I think I'm going to get these 
groovy chairs for my hubby.

And for me.....I was dying over these vintage ones.

I'm not much of a writer on my calendars.

I basically just need to know the date.

These fit the bill perfectly.

So pretty and clean.

And I can make them by the DOZENS
the day before Christmas!!


  1. These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. oh how cute.
    i'm with you on the vintage ones.
    but i'm the person that HAS to write on my calandar.

    congrats to miranda for winning the fat qt's.

  3. these are the best. thanks for helping us out.

  4. Great--I'll be expecting one. Love the vintage & the little girl with the hood.

  5. ohhhhh I really like those vintage pages! I might have to do some of these. :D


  6. I think you just solved a gift problem I love these thanks so much.

  7. Des, you have the BEST ideas! Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

  8. I just decided to give away some home-printed calendars, too. And I found the canon website with dozens of free templates. Not just calendars. If you go to my blog, you'll find a link in today's post that will lead you to the canon website with the templates.