Monday, December 8, 2008

Such Versatility in a Gift

Our sweet niece-y poo Vanessa took pity on 2 Disney-aholics and sent us these most
FABulous Tin Holiday Plates.
Below is my personal favorite....
Just in time for Breakfast!!
I couldn't wait to cook up some eggs and Cinnamon Toast.
I'm quite the chef,you know! Greg threw in this lovely picture of his finished breakfast....."I cleaned off my plate for you, so you could contrast and compare the difference."
Thanks, it's almost like a postcard picture.
Not only can you eat on these plates.............things went a little differently at Corrie's.
??? why would they be playing frisbee with the plate???....I adore my new plates.... went out shopping & returned to find the boys playing frisbee. After awhile I saw the sun glint off of the frisbee. It was one of the plates. I'm ready to kill, but I'll take their picture first.
I think he knows something is wrong with this picture.
What's RIGHT with this picture is that we can feast with joy and childhood wonder as we eat all of the delicacies that Corrie Dawn and I like to cook. Even burnt toast will taste delicious on these!!
Thanks, V!

Des & Corrie


  1. You are both so very welcome!
    Love you!

  2. Love the plates, where did she get them? I need a couple for frisbee golf, they look like they fly well.

  3. The plates are fun. What our kids do when we aren't around!!! Scary.

  4. Ohhh those are too cute! Nice gift for any Disney-holic. But FRISBEES??? What were they thinking?? :0