Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Ghouls R Back~ Giveaway

Beyond Cute Giveaway today!!
~Halloween fabric is in~
The bats are crazy cute!
They even have their own Halloween pumpkin bucket!
The ghosts are ghouly-goodies!
And who doesn't want a friendly spider web??
I want all my spider webs to be this friendly!

This panel has a Japanese/Hello Kitty vibe to me.
Are you feeling it? yet??
I feel it.
It. is. Adorable!

And don't you need 3 darling fat quarters to go along with it??
Yeah, me too!

Today's giveaway is from a cute new line of Northcott Fabric
Trick or Treat Street by Sheri Berry

How cool would it be to have a rhyming name?
Desi Wesi, Corrie Storie

I'm smelling the comment question of the day........

YES, leave a comment with a rhyme for your name.
Bonus points, in my head, if you'll make up a fabric line to go with it.

I'll Start:
Chocolate in my Pocket
by Desi Wesi
Of course, it would be brown with grease stains and crumpled wrappers.

I've gotta run.......Moda is calling.

Random Drawing later tonight!
It's funny....but the random generator always picks another winner,
if we can't find an email address.

Click Here for:
6 Fat Quarter Pack of Trick of Treat Street


  1. 'Paisley PJs' by CJ PJ. The line would have lots of fun and funky paisleys and lots of RED and I guess since I am calling it Paisly PJs it should be flannels!
    You gotta go check out my blog sometime girls...the baby quilt is finished! Final picture not up yet but progress pictures are!

  2. Ohh, I love it, ok, how about.....
    Berrylicious Baskets by Busy Lizzie.

    Baskets and baskets of berries on blankets of blue. OK, thats enough, I've lost the plot now.

  3. Hmmm, a fabric line?? ok, how about This little piggy wiggy by Rose Whose Toes are Those? (my nickname from my father in law- for real!) keeping with the toes/piggy theme this would obviously be a very cute childrens fabric, with lots of cute doodles piggys and pastel colors. I'm picturing it as a flannel, rag quilted. Maybe I should start designing material?!?! bahaha
    Oh, and P.S. I can't believe you're making us think about Halloween ALREADY!!!

  4. I'd do "Wacky Rick Racky" by Sarah Bearah. It would be all sorts of zig-zagged prints (ric rac...rick racky).

    I love Halloween!!!

  5. Barley's Marley's by Barb's Stars
    that is a mouth full, say it three times. I think my line of fabric would be greens, like in Barley with leaves of all different sorts.

  6. Gnomes in homes by Kylie Smiley, in shades of blue and red.

  7. my fabric line would be fleas please. Ok, I'm kidding - fabric with fleas all over it couldn't be cute...or could it?

    crazily paisley. Maybe that would be better...

    by Late Kate (yep - that's me!)

  8. Great fabric! My grandmother has called me Lizziwhizz for years, and it's the "name" I attach to any sewing-for-pay I do. My fabric collection would be Barbecue Schmarbecue and it would be for making shirts and skirts. It would be lots of nice plaids and prints with busy, not quite regular designs and colors chosen to coordinate with mustard, ketchup, and barbecue sauce, so when you make a shirt and wear it in the summer, no one will notice if you have a splotch of summer barbecue on your shirt!
    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  9. Seashells by Michele

    beige, tan, golden hues with flashes of blue and white

  10. Rae's Rags by Rosealee Rae, humm wonder what the fabric would have to look like. Not sure I'd like raggy looking fabrics, but one would have the use their imagination.

  11. Guilty Quilty by Suzy Choosy

    Of course this fabric line would be the choice of quilters who already have way too much fabric!

  12. scarey carey, yeah, unoriginal but whatcha gonna do. stacey carey

  13. Noisy Boys by Messy Jessie. Novelty prints with boy toys -- trucks, trains, cowboy hats -- whatever. I'd have to think it through more. Or I could walk upstairs and see what's all over the floor of the boys' room.

    (Nobody calls me Jessie, but Jessica is a little harder to rhyme.)


  14. Warm Storm by Handy Brandy featuring a rich, deep color palette

  15. Well, my name is Betsy so I have obviously heard a rhyming jingle with my name my whole life. Betsy Wetsy....even had the doll. My little fabric line would be called Lots of Dots and would be made up of lots of cute different polka dots. It would be really cute...I promise.

  16. Babbling by Brooke Snooke :-)

  17. Pretty in Pink by Michelle Mybell. It would have pink in every shade along with some turquoise mixed in. Lots of dots, stripes, flowers and paisleys.

  18. Hmmm... how about "Jumpin" by Jennifer Jingle? It would have to be a kids fabric with lots of bouncy energy. :) can you tell I have boys?

  19. nothing rhymes with rachel.

    unless i make up words, which we are SO good at.


  20. I think I would be Whoosy Suzie! Too many late night and early morning quilting sessions!

    My fabric line would be Wee Hours.
    Stars and moons and soft clouds on many shades of blue. Some of the fabrics would be calming (to battle insomnia) and others stimulating ( to keep us awake when we need to meet quilting deadlines).

    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  21. Girly Swirly by Fancy Nancy would be my fabric line. It would be pink and swirly and perfect for granddaughter dresses....

    Love the Halloween Panel !!

    I got the glorious vintage sheet FQ's yesterday in the mail. They are being savored and petted...

    Thank You!!

  22. I LOVE this fabric! Okay, let me see, what ryhmes with Leisel? Diesel? Seisel? Keisel? How about this?

    'Criss-Cross, Applesauce,' by Leisel Keisel

  23. Sweet fabrics! My name is just too perfect for a rhyme...(or not!) how about Hotti Dotti presents a line of gorgeous stripes and polka dots with many hues of bright pastels!

  24. The only rhyming nickname I've ever had was Sarah Bear, which barely rhymes. So, I'll go with Barely There by Sarah Bear!

  25. Bugs in Rugs by Kathie Bugbee. I think it would make great baby quilt fabric!!! Crazy Bugs wrapped in crazy rugs.

  26. Oooh, Halloween cuteness!
    Rubber Duck Luck by Jenny Wren

    (That's what my Uncle Rich used to call me)

  27. Hello Ladies, what fun!
    how about...Make a Cake by Krouse's Houses?
    Oy, rhyming is not my strong point. Thanks!
    KRousegirl2 at aol dot com

  28. I am not good at this. Maybe Grandma's sweetest line. good for baby quilts. Linda Gerig

  29. I love those ghosts and webs it really makes frightening look adorable.
    So the obvious rhyme with Nancy is Fancy, but I've never liked it because I'm not very fancy. You could also say Dancing Nancy which is a little bit of a stretch, but I don't dance either. So where does that leave me? How about Lance Nance... no I'm just getting worse... I'm stopping now.

  30. Dainty Spots and Ditty Dots by Angie Pangie.

  31. My nick name is Lynnie, which was of course, Lynnie Binnie growing up.

    My fabric line would have to be Girls with Curls. All my fabric these days is pink and girly. Even (or especially?) the little doll quilts. My girls Bethy-Wethy and Sarah Beara insist on pink.

    Do I get extra points for rhyming children names :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  32. line would be Kiddie Flowers and would be inspired by my profile pic (that is my sofa fabric)....I am obsessed with this fabric so....

    Kiddie Flowers by Robin Bobbin!

  33. My fabric collection would have to have a Italian theme as my rhyming name would be Lisa Pisa, like the leaning tower of... Love those Halloween fabrics!

  34. "Jelly belly" by Janelle Belles. That's the best I can come up with. Funny I was looking at my Halloween stash just yesterday. I am wanting to make a table runner.

  35. hmmm MNM for Matt Nadalet Megan? haha or Megan Began, cuz I'm not the biggest fan of Megan Pagan. haha i also love how the random generator picks someone else if there is no email!

    megan.nadalet at gmail dot com

  36. Ha ha ha.... too funny! I would do a sewing themed line of fabrics in neutral tones w/ a lot of blue and green thrown in and call it Robin's Bobbins. (Notice I stay away from "Rockin' Robin" and anything bird themed? How does a person w/ a bird name dislike/fear birds as much as I do? I don't know....)) That Halloween fabric is F A B! Thanks for sharing!

    Robin Chapa

  37. How about a line with green and blues like the sea, and for my name Allie Cali

  38. Camber is a brand of cymbals, so how about Camber Amber with a line of music-inspired fabrics?

  39. Okay My last name is already fruit AKA Berry...... So really do I need to go any further? :)

    Love the Halloween motif! I have been wanting to make a blanket for Miss Addison as her birthday is on Halloween!

    :)Rachel Berry

  40. Starry Nights and Twinkling Lights by E. T. Sweetie

    (Wow-I am not very good at this rhyming thing!!)

    The line would be based off of "Starry Night" with dark blues, purples, & black as a base color with twinkling stars & dots & swirls mainly in whites and yellows-but there would be some with all sorts of fun colors-reds, oranges, greens, etc.

    -Emilee Turner
    p.s. Love the Halloween fabric-we didn't do much for Halloween growing up-but that is my husband's favorite holiday and so it has become one of mine as well over the years!

  41. Ummm, you have to ask ME that question? Is it not obvious? Water-themed fabric for sure.....

  42. "Spider Biter" by "Mary Scary" will debut on October 31st!

  43. This is fun!
    Gingham at Sea by Karry Berry - I love gingham and would have lots of aqua, turquoise, blue and green gingham combos with dots, wave patterns and summer stripes. And Karry Berry is my nickname from when I was little - my aunts and uncles still call me that sometimes.
    PS My birthday is Nov. 1st so Halloween has always been very important to me :)

  44. I guess I would have to go with bobbin Robin.

    I could have a line of fabric with sewing items all over it. I'm sure that one is already out there though.

    How 'bout a line of fabric with all kinds of creatures bobbing for apples then?

    I love Halloween fabric!!!!!

  45. Wow! Cows! by Lynda Lou Who (my grandmother has always called me Lynda Lou!)

  46. Ok, How about the name I used to be teased with, lets see them tease me know, when I have a famous fabric line!!

    Plain Jane by Janie Wanie

    A group of wonderful solids from the brightest to the softest colors in the rainbow, hundreds of colors to blend with any fabric. Not you old plan Jane anymore!!

  47. Oh Des. YOu always make us entertain you! Lets see. Fabric line . . . Bees Alive by Freda's Hive. Or Alphabet Pets by Nanette. This is giving me a headache. I'd be a terrible rapper. I love this fabric though. Ordered some. Delicious.

  48. Checks, Specs & Flecks - coordinating checks and confetti prints in bright colors, of course!!

    Whimzy Kimzy

  49. Lol, how about Fall Harvest by Harley Barley? or Totally Awesome by Harley Gnarly? :D

  50. The line would be "Down on the Ranch" inspried by living in the midwest by Mendi Bendi

  51. Quilt Dancing by Tina Ballerina

  52. Rita Lolita! My line of fabric "spots and dots" you can never have enough dots!

  53. Jennifer Juniper (my Dad used to sing this to me, hard to rhyme with Jennifer)
    Line of fabric: Rockin Roller Molar
    I would have the tatoo art kind of theme (red and black) with teeth and smiles (since I work in the dental profession). Tacky, I know!

  54. ok, im gonna take some liberties here, and probably break some copyright laws...but my fabric would be Easy Peasy Lemon Squeez-y by Weise. (my middle name is Louise, and I have been called Weise my whole life!)
    blrohloff at aol dot com


  55. Oh that fabric is just super cute. What an adorable little Halloween purse that would make.

    Hmmmm my line of fabric MUST be purple soooooooo I think it would be named Purple Paisley Passion by Picky Vicki. Yes, I'm a total perfectionist. Hey, better that name than what my older brother always called me while growing up - Icky Vicki! LOL

  56. Ooohhh, how fun! I'll be Sammi Whammi and my fabric line will also be a Halloween line...a fun retro line loosely based on Bewitched of course, with all the fun 60's colors. :) Lots of ginghams and polka dots! I'll call it Witches in Stitches. Thanks for the fun game!

  57. I just have to JUMP in and say,

    You guys are CRACKING ME UP!!!!

    These are great!! thanks for the entertainment!

  58. My line would be "Scary Mary" and my name would be Ruth Truth.

  59. Diana Banana by Diana. The line would be playful monkeys and bananas.

  60. Mandy's Candies. The line would have cellophane wrapped candies with flavors such as lemon, lime, orange, cherry.

    p.s. will u add yourself on twitter.

  61. Peek-A-Boo by Sue You.

  62. I am in love with this fabric. Seriously.

    "flowers with powers" by Jenny Penny

  63. Crazy eight: I need to create! by Anne shizam! I hope you enjoyed that!