Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On the Home Stretch...

....made it through the 4-H interviews. Shadowman was with his interviewer forever...that boy is a talker. The girls were told that 5 projects was a little ambitious. Good to know.

You'd think they'd be done, but they're not. No, now they have to make posters for parts of their projects. The "exhibits" aren't actually turned in yet.

And of course, we need a booth display.

I volunteered to make a banner. I'll fit that right into the schedule.

We're going to have a little fashion show... we always have to twirl with this skirt.

Bella made this by herself. I didn't even have to peek at it. The directions on this pattern are that good (and yes, she must be good at following directions too). It's the Hip Skirts pattern, (sold out of those last week, but will get more.) Yes, we've made this skirt pattern before, but that's okay.

Featuring Baskets of Flowers fabric. She was going to have a white double skirt layer at the bottom, but that's still laying on the ironing board, so I think she changed her mind.

Lizzie's was challenging. Her requirements are more difficult, but she did really well. Learned all kinds of things about interfacing, darts, curves, and sleeves.

Here she is ready for Fall in her Wonderland dress. She's still debating on the bottom band; I think she's nervous to take it off. It actually finishes the hem very nicely.

Hurray! Congrats girls!
Reaching a goal never felt so good.


  1. the skirt and dress look great... i haven't tackled darts yet!!

  2. your daughter's did a great job on their projects.
    What patterns did they use?

  3. What a good job the girls did, and I love both of them...very cute, something they will actually get wear out of. I loved 4-H when I was a kid and it was my first sewing apron- it was peach with little flowers on it (nothing as young and cute as the fabric you chose). I won a blue apron, I remember that. Good luck!

  4. Great job, girls! My daughter has sewn her first dress ever this summer. I was so proud of her and excited to see her FINALLY doing what I have enjoyed most of my life! I bought her a Janome Sew Mini for her 20th birthday (in January) and she decided that if she wanted a new dress for the 4th of July she was going to have to do it herself. So she came home one day to have me help her thru it. She told me yesterday she was working on some pillowcases - all on her own this time. Yay for these young ladies learning this somewhat lost art!!

  5. It's wonderful to see the young girls new sewing projects and great news to the sewing industry that the skills & this obsessive hobby is being carried forward to the next generation! Congrats to the girls. Good job. Cute items.

  6. I have personally inspected each outfit and they are TOP NOTCH!! So, says Judge Aunt Desi!!! Blue ribbons for all!!!

    Where's shadowman's dress??

  7. We just finished our 4H projects. I am relieved! I remember being up many late nights unpicking and getting everything to perfection as a girl. We made the hip skirt pattern to wear on vacation this summer. Very comfy! The dress is darling!

  8. What a lovely family you have.....your girls are just adorable and did such a fantastic job on their clothes....what a wondeful teacher you are.

  9. Great projects! They should be proud. Five projects IS ambitious when you see all the 'extra' work that is involved for each one. I am using that skirt pattern again for college girl. It goes together so nicely. What is the pattern for the dress??

  10. Oh my goodness, how wonderful, what a proud Mama to these wonderful children!!

  11. oh my gosh those were cute, your girls did a great job
    keep up the good work

  12. What fabulous work! I have to say that wonderland is really gnawing at me to buy some--that cute dress is not helping me abstain!!

  13. The skirt pattern is Hip Skirts by Favorite Things & the dress is Simplicity 2933. Took her awhile to find the pattern.

  14. They turned out great! I'm still too scared to sew for myself, I bet it's because I didn't do 4-H.

    Maybe you'll get out of school shopping next year if they keep doing 5 projects ;).