Monday, September 14, 2009

Big Plans

Des & I had BIG plans for September.

First, we were going to go to the Startup Princess event this past weekend and gush over the speaker, yeah, Heather Bailey.

We've fawned over her before -- pictures to prove it.
I was feeling the love for Heather, but kind of thought, we're not "starting up" anything, not sure that's the place for us.

So we nixed being princesses.

Well, at least we'll have Vegas, right?


Des got a job. Then she got another job. Two jobs.
I thought she worked for Quilt Taffy.
Guess she wants to be paid in cold hard cash instead of yardage.
No Vegas.
No Thelma & Louise.

Just Thelma.

I'm off to see Elvis and a thousand fabric samples at the textile show.

But I'll see her in two weeks at the Big Event. Des has lots of news to share.


  1. Ah, so that's why Des has been scarce lately... I can't wait to hear all the details! and I wish I could take her place in Vegas. ;-)

  2. ah HA! I knew there had to be a reason Des has been so quiet! Love her, but 'quiet' isn't normally how we'd describe Des, now is it? ;-) Have big fun!

  3. Thousands of fabric samples and Elvis? Have fun! (Check out the breakfast and brunch menus -- we'll talk when you get back!)

  4. Awww, sometimes exploring by yourself can be freeing! You can pretend to be a spy, or a mysterious stranger or an, not dancer. And exotic millionaire!

  5. What is the BIG event? Where is this textile show and Elvis? Des is working? TWO jobs? Hmmmm, I'll take her place at Quilt Taffy, I would not mind being paid in fabric one little bit!

  6. K. First the Farm Chicks. NOW Quilt Taffy! What's the world coming to ? LOL

  7. I can just see you two in the front of that convertible with sunglasses and bandannas on. Do it! Just don't go over the cliff.

  8. OH Heather Bailey Love her and I would never miss the chance to go to vegas! Have a great time!