Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Corrie's off having "turkey on a boat" as my father puts it.
They are cruising to the Panama Canal.
Am I not supposed to say that??
I forget.
Am I supposed to pretend like you're home basting a turkey
instead of cruising the wild seas leaving home
to have Thanksgiving without you?
I forget.

THANKfully, (get it....it's almost Thanksgiving:),
she put some pictures on so I could ramble
on about our quilt retreat in 2007.
No, it was just a month ago, but it feels like years.

Take a little walk through some of the productiveness
that my posse came up with.

This is Stitch's focus on blue grey yumminess
for some lucky relative.
I'm ready to be adopted.

Marjeaney-Bikini has been quilting for awhile.

And if there's anything I love and adore
it's a girl with fortitude.
These are some OLD UFO's.
BUT cute!!

They've been around awhile and boy are we glad
she took the opportunity to finish them up.
I think the black star one needs to
come live in my home for winter.

One of two projects I actually worked on inbetween snacking.
It's a baby quilt and still needs a big pink
raw edge appliqued flower in the middle.

What am I doing here? I should be sewing.

Quick and fast jelly roll quilts were the recipe of the day.
Everyone had to make one.
Corrie has all the pictures and instructions
and......................hmmm...........where are they?
We. don't. know.

It's not rocket science
but there is kind of a 'too cool for school'
way to throw this quilt together.

Are you interested??
Peaked curiousity??
Tired of waiting??
Well, perhaps before Christmas!


  1. Fun post! Lots of good things to see... I love the huge star quilt! and just for the record... I want to cruise the canal!

  2. Love those quick strip quilts! Perfect for Project Linus!!!

  3. Great looking quilts. Love the crazy catepillars one.

    I'm sure turkey on a boat isn't as good as at home....right?????

  4. TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL method??? NEED IT! Please, please, please!
    Ohhhh, wouldn't you like to be on the cruise thru the Panama Canal?? That would be pretty cool. Love all the quilts.

  5. I love retreat posts! I would like to be adopted by all of you, we can work out a custody schedule and of course that means I would need a quilt to. One with lots of ric rac. Have a happy Thanksgiving- by land or by sea!

  6. zigzag snakes? That's too cool for school!

  7. yes tell us the "too cool for school" method. love the quilts.

  8. Lots of great quilts to see. Thanks for sharing with us. Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Was the retreat in 2007?

    Just wondering......

    Love the quilts!

  10. No, the retreat was just a month ago. It was a bad joke, sorry. :)

  11. Beautiful quilts and I must say I love my spiral book and every time I think about Tommy goes to the doctor I have to chuckle Happy Turkey Day!

  12. Hello friend. LOVE the quilts. Hope you are doing well. Miss you.

  13. Okay, this is totally random, but my parents are on a cruise to the Panama Canal this Thanksgiving as well. Same turkey, same boat? Too funny!

  14. Great projects, gorgeous quilts, and that last picture, you know the one of you... is classic. Love it!