Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Totally Tubular

Check, Check and Check.
Just cruising through those projects I started at Corrie's.
This is another fun idea I saw on Oh Fransson!
There are few things I love more than a wonky nine patch.
Well, maybe a crocheted monkey or two.

Baby boy fabrics and styles of quilt can be tough sometimes.
But I'm currently obsessed with blues and greens and browns.
I now want yards of this Sock Monkey Brushed cotton
that is the sashing.

I think it works with so many things.

I had some leftover blue pieces of minky that I played with to fit for the back.
I don't think the baby boy is going to be named something with a "T". But it can always stand for Terrific.....or talented.....or totally tubular.

Fabrics for this very quilt are available in Charms, Fat Quarters and even the exact number of 10" squares you need to make this!

We're just handy that way!


  1. This quilt is gorgeous Des! I recently ordered this fabric pack from you and got it last week - you're giving me some great inspiration on what to do with it!

  2. Love that wonkiness! And the material colors are gorgeous!!

  3. What a wonderful spin on the 9 Patch~ I love it. The monkeys are fantastic.


  4. those sock monkeys are so cute...love the quilts

  5. I bet it's soft. It turned out great. I like the red binding.

  6. Love the patchwork quilt, so colourful! Lucy (Munyip Makes) x

  7. An Oh Fransson wonky squares quilt is on my to-do list. Very CUTE - so hard to find good boy fabric! Love the fun back as well!

  8. Love this little boy quilt! THey are so hard to come up with. Wondering if you quilted this on a long arm? ANd if so, how did the minkee do? I've done some on my regular machine, but my long arm quilter is not real excited about doing one for me.

  9. I love it! I love the wonky look, the colors, everything. I am doing a 9-patch right now, and I wish I had done it wonky (even though it is looking a little wonky anyway...just unintentionally)

  10. I did this on my home sewing machine and since the size was only 32 x 32" it was not a problem at all. I was a little nervous, but no worries. I have done several quilts on a long arm with minky and have never had a problem. ever. You just have to make sure that the selvedges are running on the vertical sides. It quilts up quite dreamy!! If you ever want to send your stuff out, I have a great quilter who has no qualms whatsoever about minky.

  11. I made a quilt for my nephew last year. This is what I wanted it to look like. This is a great design. Mine was only slightly (ick) wonky, which just made me look like a bad quilter.