Friday, September 16, 2011

Cute Bots Kits!

Adoring this Cute Bots fabric!
My new most favorite go-to pattern is
Peek-a-Boo Bag.

I think everyone needs one.
Starting with me!
Then all my friends, teachers, graduates, etc. will be getting one.
Notice it is lined as you take a peek inside.

My new little tote holds my travel sewing machine's cord,
foot pedal, accessories & pins.
I just slip it in my project bag.

The bag needed a cute zipper pull,
so I pulled out the Shrinky Dinks & meet my new friends.
They are way cuter in person.

Would you like your own Cute Bots Bag?
We have some kits on etsy.
They come with everything you need to make it,
except the Shrinky Dink zipper pulls. :)


  1. I went on etsy and the kits are gone? Oh, no....

  2. so very cute. you pick the cutest fabrics to make things.

  3. So great! Love how the shrinky bots turned out. It definitely computes.

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