Wednesday, June 27, 2012

At My House

Quilt Group was 
at my house today...

I cleaned my 
ceiling fan for them.  :)

I love a good theme.

What is better than 
the 4th of July?!
we indulged in 


Snacks & 
Crackers with pineapple & habanero sauce --
 (the crackers weren't colored coordinated, so no picture --
 they didn't go with the theme.)

Showed the ladies how to make this

A little Hawaiian Punch, 
Gatorade G2 - blueberry pomegranate and
diet sierra mist.  
I did try it with regular 7up,
but it needs to be diet, 
so you get the layering with bright colors.

It also can double 
as a science lesson;
so it's tasty and

Perfect for kids!

Very happy with my 
Target dollar aisle Star Ice Cube Trays.
I thought maybe they'd work once, 
but they are great.  
We made a lot of ice.

And since the ladies drove a bit...
they needed a snack for the ride home.


 Pretzels dipped in chocolate with star sprinkles. 
They make me happy.  


  1. Oh my! Wish I was in town!

  2. I wish you were too! Thanks for telling me about the drink - it's a fun one.

  3. Corrie...Sooooo fun, sorry I wasn't able to be there!
    Thanks for sharing all your fun ideas!

  4. oooh you know how to throw a party!

  5. Oh my gosh...I want to join your quilt group, LOL.
    Well done *\o/* *\o/* .... Hugs

    **PS: Nice of you to clean the ceiling fan too :o)

  6. Wow! You cleaned the ceiling fan ... those ladies rate!! :) :) Love all the treats you prepped ... very cool, I really like the delicious science project.

  7. How fun! Martha Stewart would be so proud! lol
    Love the layered punch and star ice cubes!

  8. I am so impressed! You really know how to throw a party!

  9. Do you just pour them in gently, in the order you gave? That is so cool!

    1. Fill with ice, put the Hawaiian punch in the bottom, then slowly pour the blue gatorade and then slowly pour the sierra mist. easy.

  10. You know you're at the top of a girlfriend's buddy list when she cleans her ceiling fan for you! Great looking party! :)

  11. Looks like you had a great time. All of your decorations are wonderful

  12. I think it all looks fabulous! I want to make the drink right now. And I'm wishing I could have been there for quilt group again this month.

  13. Lovely! But watch out--you're giving me high expectations for our retreat ;-)

  14. Well, the retreat is in October, I could go Halloween crazy, but then we wouldn't get any sewing done. So looking forward to it.

  15. What a fun hostess you are.

  16. WOW looks like you had it all going on there. Wonderful set up. Wish I lived near by.

  17. I think I want to come to your house for quilt group! What a special treat for your group. Very cute! Love those star ice cubes. K-

  18. You went all out. Everything looks good.

  19. You are my kind of gal! That is a fun summer get together! Now of course I had to show my daughter the drink. She wants me to make that and your pretzels!!

  20. I wish I could have been at your Quilt Group! You made such a fun spread!! I just cleaned my ceiling fan for our Fourth of July gathering too LOL!!

  21. It all looks so fabulous - You Rock!!!!

  22. Oh my goodness what fun it would be to have been able to join you! blessings, marlene