Monday, December 10, 2012

Oreo Tutorial - Ruby Slipper

I have a friend
(who is obsessed with the Wizard of Oz)
 who teased me 
about the Oreo elf shoes 
in the previous post.

In an attempt to silence her,
I made her a ruby slipper --

A Wicked Witch of the East


More about that at the end,
 first we're going to have
Oreo Tutorial
(try saying that 3 times fast)

Double Stuff Oreos
(there are about 33 in a package)
Scotch double sided Scrapbook Tape
7"x11" piece of cellophane
Red paper
Ribbon, Hole Punch

 Put a piece of tape on one long edge of the cellophane.
Put stack of 8 or 9 Oreos on it and
 start rolling them in the cellophane.

Tuck in the cellophane 
on the left side as you're rolling.

 Peel the paper off of the adhesive tape and
 just keep rolling over it.

Secure tucked end with tape.
Tape should be hidden by the shoe.

Tie the other end with ribbon.
Using this template, cut a shoe out of red paper.
Because it's Wizard of Oz,
I added some blue gingham! 

 Put some adhesive Scotch tape in the middle and
 on one end of the template. Peel off paper.

 Place your Oreos as shown on the tape. 
And start rolling the shoe around.

Push on the tape.
Meet up your sides.
Because this scrapbook paper is so thick, 
I'm trying to help hold it together by punching holes and
  putting a ribbon through.

Next time, I would put another ribbon closer to the 
cookies to secure a little better and hold them in place.
This paper is so stiff, it wants to pull away from the cookies.
 The paper used for the Elf shoes (below) is posterboard 
which is just the right thickness and 
stays stuck together with the tape.
And by tying ribbon right by the Oreos, it holds them in place.  
Plus the double sided tape inside holds them just fine.
The cookies won't fall out the bottom.

Wanted to make a little bow to go on top.

Cut out bow shape.
To curl it, wrap around a pencil.
I used Super Glue to secure. 

Covered up my little knot
with the bow.  

All done.

I gave the ruby slipper to my friend 
along with this note.

Picture by Zempter
 This silenced her.
In fact, she was 
speechless. :)



  1. LOL! Thank for the laugh this morning! It really was a laugh out loud. In fact, I scared the cat!

  2. That is too cute. You did a great job.

  3. Adorable, adorable, I am in the car heading to a meeting, my driver pulled over when I screamed's a witch it's a witch lol ...he laughed too when I showed him your tut....I love boots lol just saying


  4. That is so clever and cute! I love it... thanks for the tutorial too:)

  5. You are too funny! Very clever to give her the ruby slippers.

  6. Very VERY cute!! So if one wanted to make the original elf shoe, just get rid of the heel and curl the toe? And a bell for a jingle in the step? HA Thank you!!

  7. Very cute idea! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial!

  8. Haha - what a great post and thank you for the tutorial too!

  9. That is the cutest thing I have seen today. Isn't it nice when you are creative and can do that. ;^)

  10. Love the Elf shoes but the ruby slipper is a real jewel! Thanks for the tutorial.

  11. Too cute! And what a sweet friend you are.

  12. That'll teach her! ;D
    What a fantastic gift for an 'Oz' fan!

  13. So creative! So now, on my food log, I can write down that I ate Witch's Legs instead of Oreos!

  14. This is so adorable! Thank you for the tutorial! Do you know how many shoes you can get out of 1 piece of posterboard? I plan on making these as teacher gifts and have 3 children with 3 teachers each. Thank you again!

    1. You can probably get 16 out of a piece of posterboard. I made these with sparkly scrapbook paper. Posterboard would be much easier to work with.

  15. These are just wonderful. This has to be my favourite post ever from you. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  16. This is so awesome. Great idea. Will definitely attempt to do both! Thanks :)

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  18. Where did you get the picture in the frame! I'm making these for my baby shower gifts and want that witch photo on the table with them

    1. I am not sure where I got that, I may have it still on my computer. Your email doesn't show up. If you want to contact me with it, I can look for it. Thanks!

  19. Corrie, I love your elf and ruby slipper gift idea! Do you have a template for the ruby slipper that you could share?
    Thanks, Eileen