Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Long Time Coming...

Oh, this Nicey Jane quilt
has been 
a LONG time coming.
It was started 4 years ago and
 has been quilted for a year
 and just sitting here.
Because I wanted it for my bedroom
and you know...
you need shams or pillowcases to go with it
and that just never seems to be a priority.
And I didn't know
what to do for them??
Finally, we put our house up for sale and then it became a priority.
This is our new room.
There used to be a treadmill, weight machine
and a dining room table in here.
It was bad. 

 I was making a duvet cover,
but then switched it to curtains.
My mom is the little one
 and the one by herself is my grandma. :)
There's a good shot of the quilting.
I'm so so happy this is finished.
It's on sale in the shop.  I can let go now ;).
The curtain fabric is her Garden District Sateen.
Here's how I did the window frame.
The quilt pattern is on Moda Bakeshop -
I used a neutral to make my fabric stretch
and highlight the diamonds.
I love the back too.


  1. It's very pretty! Nice relaxing bedroom too!

  2. I think our master bedrooms should be a peaceful place. Your bedroom looks like a great place to hang out and relax. Beautiful!.

  3. Love your quilt. I've been thinking that I need some Nicey Jane before it is no longer available. That's usually the time I decide I must have something.

  4. I love Nicey Jane fabrics! Great job!!!

  5. It's beautiful Corrie! I love the pretty colors and the fresh white -- perfect for spring!

  6. Beautiful quilt and bedroom! I love how you added some neutrals to stretch your layer cake!

  7. So beautiful, Corrie! You always impress me. :)

  8. I have always adored Nicey Jane, but the stash is not getting used with me working 6 days a week. Sigh. It's stupid when you have the money but not the time!

  9. I forgot to say your bedroom looks like the place to relax, it is cool and airy looking. I'm impressed! ;-)

  10. It really turned out fabulous. Yeah for you.

  11. The quilt is lovely and it's a very pretty bedroom. Much better use of the room!

  12. Your quilt is beautiful.
    I have lots of this fabric in my stash, love it!
    I cannot find the pattern on MBS; can you remeber the name?
    Did you start with a layer cake, charm packs or fat quarters?
    What can you remember?

  13. I've updated the link: http://www.modabakeshop.com/2009/09/lap-quilt-in-a-jiffy.html You can use any size square that you want. I used 9.5" squares.