Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Library Quilt Show

My cute, little, local library has a quilt show every year. No judging, no white gloves, no quilt police. Our library is famous for having the lastest and greatest quilt books. Every kind and technique. There are literally rows and rows and rows AND rows of quilt books. I think I've read every one.
Here's a quaint stroll through the 'stacks'. Isn't that what we called it in college? Did I even go to the library in college?
Oh, and CJ don't ask me about a certain pattern or maker or what have you.
I don't read the cards, I just look at the quilts
and take a little picture of what I like.
That's why I read blogs with pictures.
Mmmmm.........girls with balloons. I love her and I want to be her friend.
As long as you're sharing,
I'd like the blue balloon, thank you. I thought this was a cute idea. That is a vintage table cloth in the center and then she added another border and the rick rack and then quilted it all together.
That is such a good idea.
I wonder if she read it in one of them, there library books. :)

Just stinkin' cute...................embroidery, yikes. wow. Some little kid is very, very happy with this.

Ahem. Excuse me sir.
This is a Library and we are here to look at quilts,
not books.

Makes me happy to look at.

Paris Baby admidst the children's picture books.
I would have preferred to have been in the "travel section".
Storytime Room filled to the brim with quilts.
Notice the ever popular parka attire for below ZERO weather.
Just want to make sure you're paying attention.
That's why I take pictures.
Leela's raggy who-ha was hiding in there.
Have you made yours yet??
I'm a sucker for pink and white.
And then 30's butterflies? Paint me Red Polka Dots, please.

Bright colors for a winter day. 
One of my favorites!

Okay, just CUTE.
Simple pieced background and then slap a stuffed animal on there and call it "Froggy Time" or whatever. There were several of these and I was so loving the cute idea that I forgot to take pictures of them. But I think one had a snake and a squirrel or something cute. It was tacked on there very well.
Now go make 12 for your grandchildren.
This yellow beauty just speaks for itself. Wait, I have more to say.
Um, I like that it's been loved and used and loved again. Okay, I'm done now the quilt can go on speaking for itself.

This message has been brought to you today by Marion the Librarian.


  1. I loved those quilts. I had a butterfly quilt just like the one you showed when I was a little girl. Don't know what happened to it.

  2. ohh, how fun! i love the vintage girls and the double hour glass quilts. and that monkey quilt is just the sweetest, cutest thing ever!!

  3. A quilt show with no quilt-police - what a concept! Thanks for the show, Des - if I were you I would dive under a pile of them in this cold weather - it's where I found our cat this morning!!

  4. Stifled before I even get to the pictures! :0 Hmph. I will now attempt to leave a comment with NO questions.
    LOVE the vintage tablecloth quilt/idea! I have a couple of vintage tablecloths. I am going to think about this one.
    Great seeing Paris Baby there although yes it should have been in the travel section.
    Got no grandchildren so I am off the hook on that for a few more years.
    I think you should look up the make of that quilt you dedicated to Bets and Shelto. See who quilts like that in PODUNK! It could be another long lost sister.
    What a lovely display to have at the library and I sure wish that our PODUNK library would carry lots of quilting books.
    I gotta go, my question mark key is feeling unloved. :(

  5. I meant to say the MAKER of that quilt.
    Yes, reading IS sexy. :)

  6. That is so cool that your library has a quilt show! I wish ours did, that would be fun!


  7. that sure was a lot of quilts in a library - pretty neat!

  8. thanks for the ode to shelto and betsy and of course you..."You've come a long way baby" oh my gosh, and of course I just love that quilt, think I will stroll down to the library and check it out for ya

  9. What a neat quilt show, and thanks so much for sharing it with us. I have one of my mother's table cloths from the 1950's which is too small for our table ~ I believe I will be applying this technique. Thanks again.

  10. I have a question. Do they let you actually touch the quilts? Because I'm a big petter and I'd be getting my hand slapped every .5 seconds. Okay the part about being a petter sounds a bit wierd. But I love the different texture of all the fabrics. Those were very beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I better go. I need to go pet my cat. :)

  11. Great show. Maybe I'll have to suggest that here. How long does it stay up?

  12. That is too cool! It is really neat to see the different ways people express their creativity when creating a quilt. I'm always in awe. Great post!

  13. I wish we had a marion the librarian. We don't even have a library in Alpine and if I want to go to the one in American Fork, I have to pretend or pay a heafty price for an out of towner card. Hate that. This is a great show. What a nice place to have a quilt show. Of course I LOVE the ladies with baloons. SO darling. So so cute. And the dresden plate was a keeper - shabby and all. Lovely stuff.

  14. Oops, I totally forgot about the library show! Must remember to put things on calender -- mind does work so good anymore... Thanks for dedicating a quilt to me -- you know I love it!

  15. i just love your baby quilt and i can't believe i haven't started the ribbon raggy one. i hope there was there a security guard at the front door?