Monday, January 26, 2009

~Paris Picnic Pattern Giveaway~Winners Chosen!

Update: Jane's Fabric and Alisa are the winners of this giveaway!
Let me know, if you don't receive.
You guys were cracking me up with all your French.
ThreeunderTwo, I think my next quilt should be
"Ode to Johnny Depp".
Let's start the week off right.
My Sneaky Peaky is revealed.
I've had this pattern sitting around on my graph paper for a few years now. The big, clean, fresh florals of Darla just said.........Paris Picnic to me.
Although, now I could see it in novelty Robots/stripes and plaids!
It's a great pattern for any fun fabric you want to show off.
Fat Quarter VERY Friendly.
This PDF/email pattern comes with 2 patterns.
Lap size 56" x 68"
and a companion baby 37" x 45".
You don't have to have an etsy account to purchase one.
Just contact me.
With some of the leftover parts and pieces of the Paris Picnic,
add a few more florals and you have a Paris Baby Quilt as well.
US Measurements and rotary cutting instructions.
Color Graphics as well.
If you're interested in a Darla/Paris Picnic Quilt Kit, just contact Corrie.
I'm also selling these two original quilts in my Taffy Jane store.
Paris Baby sold. . The lap size has that delicious minkee on the back.
I asked my son to describe minkee and he said,
"It's amazingness".
He's not going to be an English major.
I decided to put it on the back just in case I change my mind and decide to keep it.
I don't know that I'll ever make it to Paris again,
so this might be my consolation prize.
We'll see how it goes.
That means I will email you the pattern.
Leave a comment in French. JUST kidding.
Although that would be very fun.
How about a comment in regards to Paris.
English, French or Wookie, doesn't matter to me.
Random Drawing later tonight.
And of course, international entries are eligible as well!

Don't you love my Heidi book and my aqua house??
Me, too!


  1. I'd love to win it si'l vous plait?! That is "Will you please" That is the best I could do. Unless you like "Tricher" which is to cheat;)

    It is lovely even if I don't win;)

  2. Oh oui plaire, me compte dans pour le cadeau! J'aimerais gagner le modèle.

    (that's yes please, count me in!)

  3. C'est tout que j'aime

    Translation: I love it!

    Or at least that's what the internet site said.


  4. I'd love to win, but I'm afraid you won't get much French out of me. Great giveaway and merci for the chance to win!

  5. Moi, Moi! That's about all the french I know! I did visit Paris in '94, and had a very memorable overnight train trip from Paris to Nice, involving a very drunk and very stinky frenchman trying to muscle his way into our sleeping compartment at 3am. Good times! :-)

  6. My French is very limited...does French fries and French toast count?

  7. Sweet giveaway, I would LOVE to win!
    (sorry, limited foreign language skills from me)

  8. I took 2yrs of French in High School and barely remember any of But I would love to win this pattern.
    Merci ~*B*~

  9. Ooooh, I would love to win that!!! It's a very lovely pattern!

  10. I am going to Paris in May. I've been to Charles de Gaulle airport 4 times, but never to Paris proper. Can't wait.

    I would love to have your patterns.

  11. I would love to visit Paris in the Spring....

    I would also love to win this pattern for my niece who is expecting in June...


  12. What a pretty quilt. would love to make one. Linda Gerig

  13. Oh I would love a new project and that looks perfect. Anything fat quarter friendly is the thing for me. M'entrer s'il vous plaît, Merci! (enter me please, thank you)

  14. Bonjour...and that is about all the french I know :0) Lovely giveaway as always..Now, Pick me!! K thanks!!

  15. okay my comment will be in 'wookie' form:

    wahhaqa ahhha waaha wahhaqa qahawa

    easily translated into:
    Ne vous en faites pas quelquefois je parlez-vous français.

  16. I've never been to Paris, but hubby has, and his favorite thing was all of the pastry shops!

  17. Let's see...Paris...I'd LOVE to go, have never been...but would definitely settle for the Paris Picnic pattern!

  18. ow la la, What a beautiful quilt, I can see Spring around the corner! Love your little blue houses. My middle daughter went to Paris and brought home some beautiful fabric I have been saving for years, she is now getting married summer of '10 and I will use it in her wedding quilt. thank you for the chnace to win.

  19. The quilt is beautiful Des. The fabric choice and pattern - perfect. The machine quilting is awesome too. And where you have it hung is so cute.

  20. Boy you are a clever one aren't you! I've been to Germany, but not to France. I would love to go! Sounds like a roadtrip! :D Have a warm day!

  21. J'etudie la leson. (I study the lesson.) That's about all I remember from high school French class. I do, however, remember France, and it is a lovely place.

  22. oh please pick me(pretend it's in french)
    that pattern and the fabrics are beautiful.
    thanks julie

  23. Please pick me! I would LOVE to win!

  24. Beautiful! Ummm....Bonjour?!?!? That's all I've got!

  25. I am new to quilting and have never been to Paris. Love the pattern. Paris je t'adore.

  26. Johnny Depp lives in France. *sigh*

    What were we talking about? Oh yes! Your incredible giveaway. Please enter me! Merci!

  27. I love the Darla fabric and I love the quilt! i would speak in French but apparently i am not gifted or romantique..

  28. Oh My! Ce quilt est simplement divine. J'adore les tissus! Grand modèle, aussi.

  29. I think that this pattern should be "sur la tableax" that means on the table, my table, thats all the french I can come up with. There again I have been to Paris. We were on this road that sounds like parrotsfeet, sure you know what I'm talking about. Anyway count me in please.

  30. I would love to win!! Sorry, I don't know any French. The only thing that comes to mind is french pastries and french bread. See how my mind works? I must be hungry.

  31. I don't know a lick of French but would love to go there someday! In the meantime, I'll stick to french fries, french toast, and french bread pizza...ummm, I must be hungry :) I love your pattern!

  32. Ooh la-la, c'est magnifique! I wish I knew how to speak in Wookie .....

  33. It's a beautiful quilt and pattern. Being Canadian I should know some french but I only know a handful of words. My children (grade 1 and 2) know much, much more than their mother. I get to hear this "Bon nuit Maman" when they go to bed and "Bonjour" when they come home from school. Another one they try is "Deux biscuits, si'l vous plait?"

  34. Choisir moi!! I would love another fat quarter pattern!

  35. I'm glad to see the final reveal. Absolutely adorable. I really don't know any French saying to give you. Hope that is still Okay. Great job s usual!

  36. So pretty! Please count me in.

  37. Paris in Springtime! Merci beaucoup!

  38. Absolutely beautiful! I do love the Darla florals you used and the pattern looks fairly easy for those of us who aren't expert quitlers.

    I've never been to Paris, but I would loooove to visit Claude Monet's Garden in Giverny (which is like 45 miles from Paris). I'm certain it would be an inspirational trip!

  39. Wi Wi, not even sure if the spelling is correct, how about Wee Wee?? Well that doesn't look right either, reminds me totally of something else. Oh well you get the drift, YES, I'd love to be included. Thank you
    Rae Ann

  40. I don't know anything about Paris, save for the fact that it's supposed to be the most romantic place on earth, french girls don't get fat, and they have the eiffel tower. I have watched lots of movies that took place in Paris. My dad is french and we have some slang from our upbringing - pump the tire being pomme de terre, merci buckets being merci beaucoup, and silver plate, being of course, s'il vous plait. That is the extent of my francaise!!!

  41. What is this world coming to?? A TT GiveAway on a Monday?? It IS Monday still right??? Wow, I almost missed it. The quilt is belle. :D

  42. Tres jolie. :)

    The pattern really is lovely!

  43. wee wee said lil' ol' me! Absolutely awesome quilt! I'd love to be feeling it's amazingness!! Best, Ani

  44. love the Heidi book and Aqua house but I am really in love with that yellow wall behind who did that love shelto