Monday, February 9, 2009

Mickey Mouse Hotpad / Potholder Tutorial

I love Mickey in the kitchen!

I love the shape of those black ears.

They make me happy!

So, I thought I needed some hotpads / potholders

or it can be used as a trivet.
Heck, shrink down the pattern and they could be coasters!

Here is what you need:

7 - 9" long strips by approx, 1 1/2 - 2" in width

I like 3 black ones for ears and the other 4 are different colored prints

1 yard of Ric Rac 5/8" width

2- 9 " squares of Insulated Batting

1- 9" square for the backing


Fray Check

  • Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew your 7 strips into a rectangle.

  • I like my strips a little wonky sometimes. You can sew some of them at an angle. Right sides together and angle the top strip. Trim the excess fabric even with the seam allowance.

  • Press all the seam allowances the same way.

  • Layer the 2 squares of batting under the rectangle. Right side of rectangle facing up.

  • Sew through all 3 layers in random lines going vertically across then horizontally. You may keep them straight or slanted.

  • On the back of the now quilted batting, trace the pattern piece onto the batt with a pen. This will be your stitching line. **If you are doing a hot pad with black ears on top, be sure to check your placement of pattern and the black stripes. I like the hat to look a little off kilter. :)

  • With right sides together, pin the quilted rectangle to the backing. *Check your edges to see that your stitching line is covered.
  • Mark a 3 inch opening at the bottom of the shape. Start and stop sewing at these marks.
  • Sew directly on the drawn line.

  • Trim around the sewn line, leaving approx. 1/4" seam allowance. I leave a little bit more than 1/4" seam around the opening so that it is easier to turn under once you turn it inside out.

  • I like to 'clip' all around the hot pad.

  • Clip into the seam so that you are 3-4 threads away from the seam. In the tight curves between the ears on top and on the side of the 'face', clip 2-3 times right close together. This will ensure that it will be smooth on the other side. Don't clip through the seam or you will need to sew over that line again. **I clip just barely around the allowance that is the opening. You still need to clip just a bit so that it will ease in when you go to close the seam.

  • Turn inside out. I use a blunt knitting needle to smooth out all the curves. Where the opening is, iron an approx. 1/4 " seam allowance, matching up the front and the back. It will be bulky here. Pin the opening close.

  • Have thread in your bobbin that will coordinate with the topside of the hotpad. Use thread on the top of your machine that will coordinate with the ric rac. I recommend topstitching all the way around the hot pad, closing up the opening, first. (although the picture doesn't show it)
  • To attach the ric rac, I work from the back of the hot pad and start at the lower right hand side. I want half of the ric rac to show on the front. I line up the half way point of the ric rac right on the very edge, trying to go over the same topstitching line I just did. If you would like a loop for hanging, when you get to the first ear, I just make a twisted loop and catch it in my sewing.
  • When you come to the end, just cut your ric rac to match up with the starting point, adding a 1/4". I turn this 1/4" under and sew it down.

  • Apply Fray Check to the ends of the ric rac to avoid fraying.
  • Get Cookin'!!

You can always add the ric rac to the front.
This one is shown without the 'black ears'.

I've got a few, little, cute kits in my store.
Everything you need to whip one of these up!

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  1. So cute! I am pretty sure I would think anything was cute if was made out of Sandi Henderson fabric.

  2. OMG! Thanks for showing us, It is ADORABLE! My mil LOVES Micky. this will make a fun gift for her! :o)

  3. how stinkin' cute are these!!!
    VERY stinkin' cute!!!

    i should make some mini ones for my liitle ones, for their play kitchen.

  4. I love them. When we go to Disney World we always look for the hidden Mickey's. This reminds me of that.

  5. So cute!! Very generous of you, too. :-)

  6. Oh my goodness!!! That is such a cute idea!!! Now, why have I never thought of doing that!!! Thank you!

  7. So cute! The kids and I were just at Disney yesterday.

  8. been looking for aqua ricrac do you guys have it? Those are really cute just let me say M-I-C-K-E-Y MOUSE...

  9. been looking for aqua ricrac do you guys have it? Those are really cute just let me say M-I-C-K-E-Y MOUSE...

  10. Oh my- they are so cute- and I love that cherry fabric- just gorgeous

  11. What an adorable idea. Leave it up to you to come up with such a cute idea. Thanks for the tutorial. KB

  12. Trust you to come out with something so Disney cute! Love it. I can see them just hanging in a row in the kitchen or next to a little Mickey figure. So so cute.

  13. Oh heavens to Mickey that is adorable! thanks for posting that I am gonna try it asap. and make a small one for my daughters play kitchen!

  14. whatever's cuter than gosh darn stinkin'. that's what they are.

  15. The hot pads are AWESOME! I still have the cute oven mitts you posted a while back on my to-do-list. I really ought to get a move on & make them both. I was just looking at my hot pads the other day, thinking they had seen better days.

    Thanks so much for the machine quilting advice. I finally got her working right, but only after I was about ready to throw the blasted machine out the window!:)

  16. Aren't we a clever little girl! Too cute. I love them! You are amazing Des!

  17. wow, great tutorial, and it made me think I could make those in just about any shape, I have some farmers market apple material that I could use and make an apple shape instead...very cute!

  18. What a great idea! Thanks so much for your tutorial! Will love to make it!

  19. That loud squeal you just heard? That was me. I'm all over this.

  20. OH My Goodness!! I'd like to fall to the floor when I saw this. Mickey Mouse is my first love!! Thanks so much for this tutorial, I am definitely doing it this weekend. Will post about it on my blog.

  21. i am so going to make these for all my die hard disney friends. thanks so much pamela

  22. How cute are those potholders! Love your easy to follow instructions.

  23. thank for a share...

    i liked it...

  24. These are great. I made a couple for gifts. The only thing I did different was to sew the rick rack on while I top stitched. (Rick rack on the bottom) It worked out well for me. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Super cute! I just finished one. Can't wait to make some for Christmas! Thanks!

  26. Thanks so much - my nephew is getting married and going to Disney on thier honeymoon. I am so going to make these as a fun gift for them!