Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chunky Minestrone~~

Wanted to share a great recipe from this month's Freezer Club.
I spent a couple of hours Saturday morning making my meals for the month!
This month I'm making Egg Rolls and Chunky Minestrone Soup!
I wanted to share this tasty recipe with you.
It's quick and easy to make and freezes perfectly. I'm not a big fan of Bear Creek Soups on their own, but I use the Minestrone mix to start this recipe. It does a lot of the work for me. After you add all the other goodies to it, throw on some homemade croutons and parmesan cheese and you have a really, good homemade taste. I measured out this recipe once and it came to 19 cups! So use what you need for dinner and put the rest in a freezer bag for another night or two. I double the recipe for my club.
**If you are going to freeze it, I boil the Bear Creek Soup for 9-10 minutes instead of 15 min. When you freeze, you want to undercook your veggies and any pasta just a bit. It will pick up moisture in the freezing process and can go soggy, if you don't undercook it. Just a helpful hint! :)
Click the card to print out the recipe.


  1. It look yummy! But I am SO NOT a cook. But my husband is. Thank goodness. Have a good day!

  2. Hey, that looks good but I don't think we have Bear Creek soup mixes in Louisville. I guess Kentucky is more of a possum soup area. (kiddin) I'll have to email you my recipe for the Louisville Brown Hotel's Hot Brown. Yum-ola! Its pretty quick and easy too. I can even make it for dinner after work. How impressed are you that I can bring home the bacon AND cook it up in the pan. Ok, well sometimes I bring home the burgers and fries AND take them out of the bag. But only on the days when I HAVE to sew tonight after work or I am going to DIE! So it's only like every other night or something.

  3. that soup looks so good!!!! You've come a long way baby, are there kidney beans in that soup? I'll be over later for left overs if there are any.

  4. Yummmmmm....just what I need on the snow rainy day.