Monday, March 2, 2009


Just need to brag on my talented posse of friends. I love what they're doing. And since NONE of them have blogs.........who else is going to tell the world, but ME!

A couple of Shelto's original creations.
Funky 60's

Sweet cottage colors in mint green and pinks.
ADORE this one!!

Bets has been at the drawing board with this fun layer cake quilt
with fabrics from 1974, the moda line.

D-Rae has a grandbaby boy on the way.
Beep, Beep!

Leela's a generous sort and just makes things for people, like curtains for their teenage daughter. Um, I'm still waiting.
Here are some curtains that she's made in the same vein as the Raggy Quilt.
Cute ribbons and fabric strips!

And since we don't do ANY sharing of our creations unless there is food's lunch.
Lettuce wraps!



  1. You do have some talented friends, enjoyed every picture and even the food.

  2. I so enjoy quilting! I love the mint green and pink quilt especially. Nice quilts all around.

  3. the quilts look great - and you and your friends sure look like they are having fun.

  4. Your posse are good. Well done to them. Food looks yummy aswell. I'm sure I can smell it.

  5. Talent indeed! Wowee, what a group. Each one as awesome as the last!

  6. Great quilts! I love them. Those lettuce wraps looked pretty darn good too!

  7. Love that little car quilt! I need a grandbaby!!!! And Des, I'm so glad that SOMEBODY brought something good and healthy to the posse get-together. Spinach smoothies and lettuce wraps are okay I guess, but where's the major food group--Chocolate! You need to tell your pals that they're gonna get some kind of disease if they don't get their recommended daily allowance of chocolate. I always make sure I get mine cause I'm a health nut like that.

  8. I sooo missed out! You guys looked like you had a blast. I did play the good mother thing though. Miss everyone! Karebear

  9. what fun quilts!! and lunch sure looks like it was yummy! :)

  10. That first quilt pictured is awesome as heck!