Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Off to the Fair

It's fair week.
Would you like fascinating escapades from the county fair?
We did have a moment in the car yesterday.
We turned in the sewing projects & all of the other bazillion project exhibits.
An older girl that Lizzie will model against made an incredible Gone With the Wind dress. It's up on a pedestal in the fieldhouse. Truly incredible & she made a matching Barbie doll cake wearing the same dress (I'll try & sneak a picture tonight).
Anyways, Lizzie & I are in the car & I said, "Man, do you have to compete against her in that dress?"
Lizzie very seriously looks at me and says, "Mother, just because she has a cool dress doesn't mean she'll win modeling."
I love it when they give a "parent" answer! Made me crack a smile.
I'll eat a funnel cake for you, or a scone, or a big strawberry smoothie or kettle corn. Can't wait.


  1. I look forward to the picture of the dress....good luck to your daughter...have an anwesome time!!!

  2. Mmmm kettle corn! My neighbor owns a portable kettle corn company and sometimes in the morning our neighborhood smells like kettle corn. Yum! So much better than when the cow smell breezes in from over the hill! :)

    Good luck to Lizzie, we're rooting for you!

  3. Such wisdom that girl has. :D I love a good County Fair! Have fun. I can't wait to hear how all the projects went and DO take a picture of that 'other' dress.

  4. Have fun at the Fair and good luck to your daughter. We have a lady who wins every year at our fair. She makes great clothes, but it does get old after a while.

  5. Have fun at the fair I love Funnel cakes We have Tiger Paws I'm sure they are similiar. Your daughter rocks

  6. Better have two smoothies for me!

  7. Lizzie, you go girl, you model your garmet......As for me eat some Kettle Corn Please...it's my very favorite.
    Look forward to seeing a pic of that Gone with the Wind Dress and the Cake

  8. I love the fair and all the cute 4-h kids with the animals. We went to ours last week. I hope your funnel cakes aren't $8.50 like ours! Sheesh. I made some a few days ago. I could probably make 100 of them for the price I spent on one (I posted the recipe on my food blog, if you're inclined to have a Fair FHE or something. They're super easy)
    I hope everyone brings home a blue ribbon!

  9. Oooh, our fair starts this weekend so I take all my items in on Saturday! I love the whole day Saturday, I don't stick around for judging so I have this anticipation until I go back the next morning and see what won the blue ribbons! I love the fair in the quiet Sunday morning calm, when the only people there are the gospel singers setting up for church service and the livestock exhibitors feeding and watering. :)