Thursday, March 4, 2010

Going on a Field Trip ~ $25 Giveaway Over

Update: A big congrats to Stina!
You are the winner of the gift certificate.
Load UP!
I need a new head shot.

On the bus,
on the bus,
YOU - on the bus...

Now Everybody,

Find a seat
No, we are not going to
the zoo.


hands in pockets,

not your nose.

Oooo, la la...Not the bakery.

No, we're aren't there yet!

Not here either. I wish.


listen very closely to my words.

For today's giveaway,

we're going over to the

"So You Think You're Crafty"


One line, one line -- everybody hold hands.

You will leave your comment there, NOT here on this blog.

Now, if you're been paying attention, this will be really easy.

No homework.

You just have to comment on what your favorite item is at

Quilt Taffy or Taffy Jane.

Missy will pick a winner for us.

Looks like the giveaway is open until Friday night.

Good luck!

Meet you back on the bus.