Friday, March 5, 2010

Mickey-ity-doo-dah Quilt Tutorial

I got a call from a 'think-ahead' brother-in-law last November.
Corrie's hubby was trying to come up
with a surprise gift for his wife-y poo.

We put our 2 great brains together and came up
with the following Christmas miracle.

It's a miracle because surprising Corrie Dawn
with something she has no idea she wants,
IS truly miraculous!

I designed it and he did all the cutting and sewing!
He's a good student.
Join us for your own Christmas miracle,
even if it is March!
Make a
I just made that name up!
You need:
~ ~14 - strips of 10" from a variety of fabulous prints. Some that 'read' solid and some that are just plain marvelous and busy beautiful!
OR 56 layer cakes - 10" squares.

~~2 strips of 10" black fabric. Doesn't really matter what's on it, not going to see much of it. So go ahead and pull out your halloween fabric!

~~5/8 yard for binding

~~2 1/4 yards of 60" wide minkee for dreamy snuggling

1. From each 10" strip, subcut it into 4 - 10" squares. You will get 4 squares per strip. You need a total of 48 prints for the quilt and 8 prints for the Appliques and 8 black squares. Choose 8 print fabrics that you will use this pattern here to cut out the shape of the ears. Do the same with all of the black squares.
2. Choose 8 print squares that will pleasantly match your ear fabrics. Layer a black ear behind each of the 8 ear print fabrics and place onto each of 8 print squares. I like to offset the black a little for some visual interest. Are you visually interested yet? Yeah, me too. Pin the appliques to each of the 8 squares.

3. We're going for a rough edge applique here. One that will be raggy when it's washed. And um, it's fast and husbands can pull it off fairly easy. Stitch around the two layered fabrics, about a generous 1/4 inch from the edge. We didn't offset the black too much, so we just followed the top fabric edge all the way around. 3. Now, send the kids out of the basement and lay out your 48 squares in a pleasing manner. Set the squares 6 across and 8 down. Scatter the ear blocks throughout.
We let the kids stay in the basement and look what happened!!! 2 materials WAY too close together.
Someone alert the Quilt Police.

4. Sew into rows.
*Sing "It's a Small World". Press.
*Dream of riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at dusk. Quilt.
*Imagine eating
10 a fritter in New Orleans Square on your way
to sipping a Dole Whip at the Tiki Room. Bind.
*Fantasize about retiring and working as one of Sleeping Beauty's fairy godmothers. It could happen!

5. Okay. You should be done now.

6. Dream happy thoughts under your adorable quilt.
Dreams come true under this quilt!


  1. That is soooo sweet...and the quilt is adorable!

  2. Love the quilt! We are surprising our DD with a vacation to Disney this summer. I think I'll make a quilt as a hint!

  3. Very cool! My little one would love this!

  4. Check out my blog. My son has found a girl friend who passed the Disneyland test with flying colors.

    P.S. The quilt is adorable. The husband participation...a miracle!

  5. that is so cute!! and your commentary, as always is freakin' hilarious lol. I'm already dreaming about this one in boy colors...

  6. Now wearing fresh, clean pants and soaking khakis and undies in the washer to remove the "tickle me peeless" from reading this blog post!

    Calling my therapist because I have that darn song stuck in my head!

    Saying a blessing for husbands who care, and listen, and ask for directions first!

    Bookmarking this tutorial because it is so cool!


  7. Such a cool tutorial, I love it! We are kinda Disney freaks (and we live 15 minutes from Disneyland so aren't we lucky ducks?)

    My daughter had a Minnie Mouse birthday last year (Winnie the Pooh coming up), and my son's first birthday looks to be a Mickey party so I might make him this quilt (I'll "boy" it up a bit though).

  8. Des,
    Perfectly adorable!!! You were too sweet to help him get this all together for Corrie ~ what a treat for her! And what a treat for me to read today and dream of being there!
    Hope you have a "Mickey-ity-doo-dah" weekend full of fun and surprises!

  9. I love it! I was completely surprised. When I got back from my trip, (they snuck over to Des') I couldn't figure out why my little guy kept talking about going to aunt desi's???

    It has the softest minkee on the back -- we all love it!

  10. Beautiful. Congrats to the designer, the maker and the receiver. What an awesome gift!

  11. This is the quilt police. Please pull over and show me your needle card.