Friday, February 26, 2016

A Little Easter DIY

I haven't decorated for a holiday in a year.
Everything was packed.
No 4th of July.
No Halloween.
No Christmas.

My heart was not 
into digging through boxes and 
decorating our

But it's time!

It's spring.
We have a new beginning
in a new house.

I decided to make
a few things.

Burlap Bunny Bunting

I was prepared to buy burlap,
but when I saw this Hobby Lobby banner
 already made on sale for $3...I was sold.


I cut the bunnies out of vinyl on my Silhouette.
Vinyl doesn't stick well to burlap,
but it worked.

He was in charge
of the hot glue.

And then he took over my
spray paint makeovers... 
 and I practiced being pleasant 
and patient.

After painting,
we searched
for branches.
He cut and carried them.

This was an easy
older kid friendly project.

Easter is about Jesus.
And all I have is rabbits. 

I was searching Pinterest
and found this beautiful
So pretty and so generous
to share this.

It's exactly what I was looking for.
I made the flowers larger
and added the text.

My sister introduced me to Beth Allen,
and my new print is on the way.

I Love It.
It's going to bring joy on 
my mantle.

She's also having an incredible
clearance sale this week.

Springtime, sunshine and flowers
make me


Looking forward
to March!


  1. Wonderful decorations and I love your bunny banner. I have a stencil maker, got it to make quilt stencils, guess I need to try it.


  2. Great decorating ideas! I love when you give me Silhouette projects. Thanks!

  3. Oh my! I LOVE your Easter decorations, particularly the burlap bunting, printable and your Beth Allen print. I'm a little bit inspired!

  4. Twig branches need to be in my future.

  5. Twig branches need to be in my future.

  6. I love you've Easter decorations!! They all look wonderful but I especially love the bunny bunting!

  7. So many beautiful Easter decorations! I love your mantle display!

  8. Well I'm a whole lot inspired, and making the banner and budding branches, thank so much for sharing. I skipped all but Christmas holiday deco but had to put up a tree. Grand kids you know. You got me in the mood. Again thank you. I'm glad you are getting your new home in order, looking forward to seeing it as you get done to your liking as you go.

  9. Ooooh, so pretty! And YAY! You're in your new house -- the peeks look beautiful!!!

  10. what beautiful things you have here.
    The pictures are really beautiful !!!!
    Snowy greetings

  11. Love! I did the bunny table runner last year. (You can use freezer paper and iron it on over and over. It is super cheap and easy to use.) I am headed to those pic links you posted. Thank you! D.

  12. Corrie I love, love your decorations - and the carrots are adorable for sure. Happy Easter! blessings, marlene