Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Riley Blake Makes a Change!

Riley Blake has leaped
onto the bandwagon...
Their charm packs now
contain 42 squares!
The 10" stackers
42 squares.
And the Rolie Polie
Jelly Rolls
40 strips.
I'm glad. 
That's a great change.
Pretty Pretty
Backyard Roses by Nadra Ridgeway
is here!
And they are on sale. :)
And they look good with Strawberry Biscuit.



  1. That is a nice change, plus it's adorable fabric!

  2. Yeah!! What a great change, love their fabrics.

  3. ADORABLE fabrics! Soooo pretty. Happy they are selling larger bundles.

  4. I'm such a dimwit, I never knew there was anything different about their charm packs LOL. Maybe it's because I just do fat quarter packs -- I do love that their FQPs are smaller than the behemoths of the other companies -- makes them much more affordable! Anyway, that is such a beautiful line -- I love those sweet little flowers!

  5. Finally! Although I kind of agree with Thimbleanna, since their FQ bundles are so much smaller I like getting them, where as with moda I can only afford the smaller pre-cuts and have never ever bought a whole FQ bundle from them.